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The Psychology Team, within Bedford Borough Council, works to promote the learning and development of children within the Borough.

Educational psychologists offer consultation, advice, assessment and training on how our early years settings/schools and parents/carers might help children to learn effectively, and to make the most of their education.

Who we work with

  • Groups and individual staff in educational settings to develop ways of working with children as individuals and in groups
  • Educational settings to provide guidance on managing whole school issues, such as reducing bullying, improving playground behaviour and teaching children to read
  • Individual children and/or their parents/carers
  • Other professionals from health authorities, social services and voluntary organisations
  • Pre-school providers, parents and carers for children under school age.

Services we provide

  • Research and project work to promote inclusion and support school improvement
  • Awareness raising and training for professional staff and voluntary groups about using psychology in education.
  • Direct work with individuals and groups of children
  • Advice and support in response to critical incidents in the community.
  • Advice and support for strategic planning and policy development within the Borough Council

Drop-in service for all schools that buy back the service. Contact your school’s SENDCo to find out if you’re eligible.

Psychology Team
Bedford Borough Council
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

Tel: 01234 228 693
Fax: 01234 228 980