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Early Years Support Team

We are a specialist team of 3 Advisory Teachers and 3 Specialist Nursery Nurses.


We provide direct support to children under 5 years with SEND, their families and early years settings (including the private, voluntary and independent sector).  Our aim is to contribute to achieving the best outcomes for children who have special educational needs and disabilities, as well as for their families.


The focus of our team delivery is:


  • Early identification of special educational needs of pupils referred from 18 months to the end of the Spring Term to Yr R entry.  Referrals are welcomed from health professionals and education providers across the voluntary, private and independent sector.  Parents who have concerns for their child are encouraged to discuss their concerns with health and / or education providers who can make a referral on their behalf.  All referrals are considered at our Allocation Meeting and they are accepted if they meet referral criteria.

  • Contributing to the multi-disciplinary assessment at the Child Development Centre so as to identify special educational needs at an early stage (from referral).

  • Supporting early intervention so as to meet the individual needs of the child, their family and educational setting with a view to raising achievement.

  • Providing bespoke support through home teaching, parent and child groups at the Child Development Centre (by invitation), advice to early years providers.

  • Providing training on behalf of Bedford Borough Council as well as bespoke training for parents and early years providers in topics such as Behaviour, Sleep and ASC.

  • Fulfilling statutory duties within Bedford Borough Council and as identified in the Code of Practice.



Contact details:

Early Years Support Team

Child Development Centre

Hill Rise



MK42 7EB


Telephone: 01234 290770