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Code of good conduct

For students travelling to mainstream schools and colleges

Adherence to the code of good conduct will ensure that travelling on transport is a safe and pleasant experience for everyone and reduces risks for students, drivers and members of the public.

1: Wait until the bus stops before trying to board or alight.
2: Have your bus pass ready to show the driver.
3: Be polite and courteous to the driver and treat other passengers with respect.
4: Whilst travelling: remain seated, do not stand on stairways or the platform and do not obstruct others.
5: Put your belongings in a safe place – do not block the gangway.
6: Do not distract the driver.
7: Do not tamper with emergency exits or windows.
8: Do not throw things around or out of the bus.
9: Smoking, eating or drinking are not permitted.
10: Bullying, vandalism, bad language and unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and could lead to exclusion from transport.
11: Leave the bus clean and tidy.
12: Comply with safety instructions given by the driver and/or escort.
13: Bedford Borough Council reserves the right to issue warnings and/or bans to students whose behaviour is deemed to put themselves or others at risk or causes offence.


Pupils enter a commitment with Bedford Borough Council not to act in a manner which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or inconvenience to other transport users.

Pupils also understand that breaching the code of good conduct may result in their right to travel being reviewed.

If a driver is distracted an accident could occur. The driver is there to ensure that everyone has a safe journey. If pupils do not follow the code of conduct and their behaviour endangers themselves, other passengers or the driver, a pupil's right to travel may be reviewed. In such instances parents would then be responsible for ensuring that their children get to school.