Schools which do not serve a catchment area

There is a growing number of schools which do not have a catchment area.

Some of these are faith schools that have never had a catchment area.

Others are schools that used to have a catchment area but over recent years have removed the catchment area from their admission policy.

  • Bedford Free School
  • Castle Newnham Primary School
  • Castle Newnham Secondary School
  • Daubeney Academy
  • Elstow School 
  • Goldington Academy
  • Goldington Green Academy
  • Great Ouse Primary Academy
  • Hazeldene School
  • Kempston Academy
  • Queens Park Academy (from September 2024)
  • St John Rigby Catholic Primary School, Bedford
  • St Joseph's and St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Bedford
  • St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School, Bedford     
  • Wixams Academy
  • Wixams Tree Primary School