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Waste permits

If you take your waste to the household waste recycling centre (HWRC) in your own car you will need a permit if you:

  • need to dispose of four to six items of DIY waste per month
  • are a householder in a van, pickup or flatback
  • visit in a car towing a single axle trailer

Apply for a waste permit

You will not need a permit if you are carrying:

  • general waste and recyclable waste
  • one to three items of DIY waste per month

DIY waste includes the following items:

  • one bath tub, one toilet pan, one cistern, one washbasin
  • one water tank
  • one standard door
  • one kitchen worktop, one kitchen unit
  • one window frame
  • one tree stump
  • one fence panel and post
  • one sack or 100 litres of soil or rubble
  • one sack or 200 litres of other DIY waste such as tiles
  • one sheet or 100 litres of plasterboard