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Order new or replacement bins

Use the form below to request new, extra or replacement black / orange / green lidded bins.

Order a replacement bin  

What bins you should have

Most residents have a set of three bins:

  • a 180 litre black lidded rubbish bin
  • a 240 litre orange lidded recycling bin
  • a 240 litre green lidded garden waste bin

Orange sacks

Please compact your recycling: crush, squish, stomp on, tear up and make smaller anything you can to fit more into your recycling bin – the more space you save, the more recycling you can fit in.

Orange sacks are no longer available to collect from Council premises. If the orange lidded bin is full before collection, you can put out extra recycling next to the orange bin in a secure container (like a clear sack or cardboard box) so it does not blow away and this will be collected. Any recycling put out in black bags will not be collected.

If you need assistance with your recycling during these changes to services, please contact or 01234 718060.

Extra/additional recycling bins

If you have an ongoing requirement for additional recycling bin capacity, this should be requested or purchased using the 'order a replacement bin' option above. 

If there are six or more permanent residents in a property, or if there are special circumstances such as residents needing to dispose of medical waste, you may be eligible for a larger sized 360 litre bin following an audit / visit.

You can replace your current orange lidded 240 litre bin with a 360 litre bin for a one-off charge of £45.05.

Or, you can purchase an additional orange 240 litre bin for a one-off charge of £45.05.

Extra / additional green garden waste bins

You can buy an extra 240 litre green lidded bin for a one-off charge of £45.05.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider purchasing a home composter or take your garden waste to a household waste recycling centre.

Lost / stolen / damaged bins

Charges apply to replace lost / stolen bins. 

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