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Planning Committee

All planning applications should be dealt with by the Planning Committee.

Planning scheme of delegation

However, the Planning Committee agree to a 'Planning Scheme of Delegation' so that certain types of application can be determined by Planning Officers alone. 

Planning Scheme of Delegation (PDF)

Planning Committee meetings

The Planning Committee is held every month, usually on a Monday (except on Bank Holidays) at Borough Hall.

If there are applications on the agenda that interest a lot of people the Planning Committee may be moved to a larger venue. So interested parties can attend the Planning Committee  it is held in the evenings at 6:30pm.

View the Planning Committee Agendas and Minutes or review past agendas and minutes.

For further information relating to the Planning Committee please contact Planning Support on 01234 718068.

Right to speak

A summary of the 'Right To Speak' rules are set out below.

1) Most applications are not decided by the Planning Committee (please see the Planning Scheme of Delegation above for more information) therefore you should enquire whether an application will be heard by the Committee. The Case Officer will not normally contact you to tell you.

2) Contact Committee Services ( by the end of the working day (until 5pm Monday to Thursday and 4:45pm on Friday) before the date of the committee meeting to book your place, e.g. if the meeting is on the Monday you must ring on the Friday before.

3) If an application is to be decided by Committee (and you have already commented on it in writing) you will be told when it is due to be heard and given the opportunity to register to speak to the Committee if you wish. If you have not commented in writing, it will be your responsibility to enquire as to whether an application will be heard by the Committee.

4) All parties wishing to speak about an application must do so within a single 5 minute period. The time period may be extended for certain planning applications if the Chair of the Committee thinks this is appropriate. Supporters and / or applicants will have the same length of time to speak to the Committee.

5) Those people speaking will not be permitted to hand out additional written documents. Photographs, plans or illustrations may not be displayed or circulated at the meeting.

6) Members of the Committee may question the speaker.

7) You should remember, when deciding whether or not to ask to speak at the meeting, that the officer's report and recommendation can change on the night of the meeting. It is also possible that a Member of the Council will speak on behalf of one of the parties. In such a case you might wish afterwards that you had spoken yourself to put forward your views.

Full details of 'right to speak'.

If you require details of the planning application being heard at Committee (including the name of the case officer) please contact Planning Support 01234 718068.