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Technical reports

Economy and employment land study

The Economy and Employment land study forms part of the evidence base to the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030. The Addendum provides an update to the assessment of employment land needs undertaken in 2015.

Strategic flood risk assessment

A Level 1 assessment of strategic flood risk has been completed for the borough area.

(for best experience of viewing the maps in Appendix A, please use ‘Internet Explorer’ browser) 

Landscape character assessment

Consultants LUC have updated the 2014 Landscape Character Assessment for Bedford Borough. This document provides technical guidance and evidence to underpin planning and landscape management decisions in the borough. 

Retail study

The Retail study 2015 forms part of the evidence base to the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030. This provides an assessment of retail needs. An addendum was published in 2018 updating the forecasts.

Bedford Retail Study 2015:

Strategic housing market assessment

Sets out the Objectively Assessed Housing Need for Bedford Borough and forms part of the evidence base for the Local Plan 2030.

Strategic housing and employment land availability assessment

Bedford's Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) was published in December 2018. This technical study assesses potential housing sites in order to provide evidence on housing supply and forms part of the evidence base to the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030.

Bedford waterspace strategy

This study is intended to provide a framework for promoting river related projects, which will help stimulate long-term regeneration of the river corridor within the Bedford Area.

Water cycle study

The Council has worked with partners Anglian Water, Central Bedfordshire Council, the Environment Agency and the Internal Drainage Board Bedford Group to produce a Water Cycle Study. The study is in two parts, an Outline Report and a Detailed Report. The Water Cycle Study addresses water infrastructure issues associated with the delivery of growth to 2021.

Detailed water cycle study April 2012

Outline water cycle strategy May 2009

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