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Common land and town or village greens

As a Commons Registration Authority under the Commons Registration Act, 1965 – Bedford Borough Council is responsible for maintaining the registers of Common Land and Town or Village Greens which members of the public can inspect free of charge.

This currently includes updating the registers when ownership of common rights change, or where rights are apportioned (although the circumstances in which we can amend the registers are limited). We amend the registers when we are notified by the Land Registry of changes in ownership of land and we can amend the registers in some instances to show changes in address.

The Commons Act 2006 received Royal Assent on 19 July 2006 and will repeal the 1965 Act at a later date. The new Act will give Commons Registration Authorities new responsibilities.

Bedford Borough Council carry out searches of the Common Land and Town or Village Green Registers. Normally, a Commons Search is carried out when a property is being bought or sold and usually via your solicitor. Search certificates will reveal whether land is registered as common or village green, if there are rights of common, and whether or not ownership is registered.