The Planning team is required to produce a report to monitor various aspects of performance throughout the borough. This report is divided into thematic headings, which are completed at different times throughout the year.

Five year land supply


The Housing Monitoring Report is published in April each year.


The Employment Monitoring Report is published during May each year.


The Heritage and Built Environment monitoring is published in August each year.

Information for previous years can be found in the Authority's Monitoring Reports below

Major projects

The major projects indicator monitors the progress made on each of the major sites in Bedford each year.

Environment quality and open space

Social and community

Transport and traffic

Plan implementation


Information on the Borough's progress with infrastructure monitoring can be found in the CIL reports, which can be found on the Community Infrastructure Levy webpage and S106 reports which are located on the Planning Obligations webpage.

Authority's monitoring report

In previous years the monitoring report was completed as one large document. These can be viewed below.