Minerals and waste

Minerals and waste planning is concerned with controlling minerals extraction and managing waste. It does this through planning policies, deciding planning applications, monitoring and enforcement.

Bedford Borough Council is a minerals and waste planning authority. The service is provided jointly with Central Bedfordshire Council and with Luton Borough Council.

Please send any planning applications, queries or complaints concerning minerals or waste matters to:

Minerals and Waste Planning Team
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

Telephone: 0300 300 8693

Submit forms via email to: MWApplications@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

The Minerals and Waste Planning Team is responsible for producing local plan and other policy documents. These documents explain the strategy, policies and proposals for the extractions of minerals and management of waste. The documents are prepared jointly by the three councils and cover Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton.

The Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme sets out the programme for production of Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents.

Minerals and waste local plan: strategic sites and policies

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Strategic Sites and Policies explains the vision, objectives and strategy for minerals and waste for the whole of Bedfordshire.

It also identified strategic sites for development and replaces a number of policies in the Bedfordshire and Luton Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2005. It was adopted by the Council in January 2014. A copy of the plan can be viewed below.

Policies map

A Policies Map has been produced in parallel with the production of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Strategic Sites and Policies Local Plan to illustrate all the proposals and policies contained within it. the Policies Map can be viewed on the Central Bedfordshire website using the link above.

Local Plan 2005

The Bedfordshire and Luton Minerals and Waste Local Plan was adopted in 2005. It explains the planning policies for the extraction of minerals and management of waste for the whole county. The Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2005 is being replaced by new Local Plan documents. Meanwhile, the remaining policies of the Local Plan 2005 have been 'saved'.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Minerals and Waste Statement of Community Involvement (PDF) explains how the local community will be involved in the preparation of the minerals and waste planning documents. It was adopted in 2006.

Sustainability appraisal

In order to ensure that the Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents contribute to the aims of sustainable development, the Council is required to appraise them for their effect on sustainability. This will ensure the integration of environmental, social and economic considerations in the Plan. 

Information can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

Monitoring report

Monitoring reports assess the progress made in Plan preparation and the effectiveness of policies . 
Monitoring Reports can be viewed on the Central Bedfordshire website.