Brownfield Land Register

Local planning authorities in England are required to prepare and publish a Brownfield Land Register. This register identifies a supply of previously developed sites which are suitable, available and achievable for new homes and which have the potential to help to meet the identified need for housing.

However, this register does not determine whether a site should be allocated for development or granted planning permission.

This register lists those sites that are capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings and:

  • meet the Government's definition of previously developed land as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework
  • are considered to be suitable: sites that have been allocated in a development plan for residential development, sites that have been granted planning permission for residential development, or sites which the Council considers to be appropriate for residential development
  • are considered to be available: sites where a landowner or developer has expressed an intention to develop the land or which the Council considers are unlikely to be impeded by ownership or other legal impediments which might prevent residential development taking place
  • are considered to be achievable: sites that the Council considers are likely to be developed within 15 years.

Please note:

  • Registers are arranged in two parts; Part 1 which lists those brownfield sites suitable for housing development and Part 2 which goes one step further and identifies sites where planning Permission in Principle is granted. Where sites are placed on Part 2 of a register, the principle of the residential use is effectively granted and only the details need to be agreed.
  • At this stage the Bedford Borough Brownfield Land Register contains sites on Part 1 only. 
  • Mapping: The register includes a link to a map of the borough that shows each of the sites included in the Register. It is the same link for each site so you only need to open the map once. Once you have accessed the map you can zoom in, search by address and click on each site to see details of the site.
  • The identification of a site within this Brownfield Land Register does not mean that the Council would grant planning permission for development on it. All planning applications, including those for residential development, will be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.
  • The inclusion of a site within the Brownfield Land Register does not preclude its use or development for other purposes. Similarly the exclusion of any sites from this Brownfield Land Register does not preclude their development for residential or other use.
  • The Brownfield Land Register uses the information available at the time of preparation. The Council does not accept liability for any omissions or factual inaccuracies that may be contained within the register. Applicants for planning permission are advised to carry out their own assessments and analysis of any site and not rely only on the information within this Brownfield Land Register.
  • The Brownfield Land Register will be updated annually so information will be up to one year old. Please check the date of publication and bear that in mind when using the data.
  • The data in the Brownfield Land Register is provided under the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

Bedford Borough Brownfield Land Register December 2022 (PDF)

Bedford Borough Brownfield Land Register December 2022 (Excel)

Bedford Borough Brownfield Land Register December 2022 (CSV)