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“A long-term management strategy … that seeks to deliver sustainable transport objectives and is regularly reviewed.”
National Planning Policy Framework, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government 2021

Promoting sustainable travel

Through the Sustainable Transport Team, Bedford Borough Council promotes active and sustainable modes of travel.

Walking, cycling, wheeling, catching the bus or the train can be good for the environment, our health and our wellbeing.

  • We work with schools, businesses and the community to encourage people to choose active and sustainable modes when they can.
  • We help and support effective travel plans that seek to reduce private vehicle journeys to and from schools, businesses and new developments.
  • We monitor progress against travel plan objectives in association with travel plan co-ordinators, ensuring they work for schools, businesses and communities.
  • We encourage schools, businesses and workplaces to keep track of their travel plans via Modeshift STARS, a free online travel plan toolkit. Register on Modeshift STARS here.


See Travel Bedford website for more information about active and sustainable travel.

Creating travel plans

See Department for Transport information and guidance about travel plans.

Travel Plans for developments should comply with national and local policy, see the National Planning Policy Framework (of particular relevance is Chapter 9 and paragraphs 85, 92, 104, 106, 108 and 112.)

Bedford Borough Council has an Adopted Local Plan 2030 (of particular relevance are Policies 30-33, 35S and 86S-91.)

A series of strategy documents are also attached to LTP3, The Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2021: which may still be referenced. See also information on cycle and other parking requirements

See details of Bedford Stations travel plan, which encourages more sustainable journeys to and from Bedford’s rail stations.

We recommend the use of Modeshift STARS to help develop and monitor travel plans.

Travel plan guidance from Bedford Borough Council

We have produced guidance to help with the submission of travel plans.