Theme 2: reducing congestion

Key areas have been identified for highway mitigation measures to facilitate improvements to the operation of the highway network and complement both the proposed changes within the town centre and the package of technology measures.

A6 Northern Gateway

  • Enlarging and signalising the Signalisation of Clapham Road/Manton Lane/Shakespeare Road
  • Enhancement to the operation of the Paula Radcliffe Way/Great Ouse Way roundabout
  • Enhancement to the operation of the Manton Lane/Brickhill Drive Junction
  • Reviewing entrance arrangements at the Bedford Modern School
  • Refurbishing the signals at Manton Lane / Brickhill Drive junction

Bromham Road Western Gateway

  • Improvements to the realignment and signalisation of Bromham Road/Shakespeare Road/Ashburnham Road double mini roundabout

Around Bedford Hospital

  • Additional lane on northbound approach to Britannia Road/Cauldwell Street/Kempston Road junction
  • Rearrangement of junction layout of Britannia Road/Ampthill Road
  • New signal junction at Kings Place 

Ampthill Road Southern Gateway

  • B530 Ampthill Road and Progress Park junctions - Modifications to traffic signalled junctions to increase capacity
  • Localised widening northbound
  • Removing traffic signals near Sexton Avenue 
  • Changing length of bus lane
  • Remove bus gate near Offa Road
  • Review type and location of speed cameras
  • New electronic signs
  • Air quality monitoring equipment
  • Change road markings to separate right turning movements along Ampthill Road