Britannia Road improvement works

Transporting Bedford is an £18 million project to tackle congestion hotspots in Bedford and represents the largest ever investment in Bedford’s roads.

Work on Britannia Road, by Bedford Hospital South Wing has now been completed

A new layout for Britannia Road

Britannia Road links two major roads in Bedford: Ampthill Road and Kempston Road, and is a well-known congestion hotspot. The completed works have widened the road to create more space for traffic, while keeping space for pedestrians, new traffic lights have been installed at the junction with King’s Place, to reduce delays caused by traffic turning into the large car park off King’s Place.

The traffic lights at both ends of Britannia Road, the new traffic lights at King’s Place and traffic lights at other nearby junctions will be linked so that they operate together to improve traffic flow along the route.

The layout of the main Bedford Hospital car park on Bedford Road has been changed to improve traffic flow around the car park, and the exit onto Britannia Road is now closed. The layout of the drop-off layby near the hospital entrance on Britannia Road remains in place as before. Some on-street parking has been removed from King’s Place to help to improve traffic flow down Britannia Road. 

Further information about Transporting Bedford 

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