Local walking and cycling infrastructure plan

Bedford Borough Council is developing a new strategic plan for walking and cycling routes, called a Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan (LWCIP).

Central Government has asked all Councils to prepare this kind of plan to enable and encourage many more people to walk and cycle, by evidencing the best routes that should be improved, over the next ten years. The Plan must include proposed network maps showing the best walking and cycling routes to improve, which the evidence shows will be most effective to increase walking and cycling.

Local user knowledge is a key source of information and we welcome input in developing the network. Please feel free to send us any queries or suggestions at lwcip@bedford.gov.uk.

The early stages were informed by a survey of people across the area and further views will be invited from key stakeholders and local residents, businesses and visitors.

The plan will assess these routes and produce a list showing which routes have been identified as highest priority (using tools provided by Central Government), with consideration of a range of factors and goals.

We must show what could be necessary to make the top-priority routes meet current national standards to enable more people, including children and adults who have not cycled before, to ride confidently and safely on local roads. This means that our maps will indicate specific improvements such as cycle lanes, new road crossings and other changes (although these are purely indicative and do not constitute definite proposals). We will develop more detailed studies in the near future, which will include further consultation with local people, businesses and visitors.

Please email lwcip@bedford.gov.uk if you do have any questions, feedback or comments.