Highway network management

Road and pavement programme of works

The programme is based on inspections carried out through the year and suggestions made by local Councillors and Parish Councils.

We then evaluate these requests against:

  • condition of the road
  • benefits to residents and local economy
  • carrying out works that ease the burden of small scale repair works facing the Council

In addition to these repairs, we also:

  • maintain highways bridges
  • carry out works to improve highway drainage and prevent flooding
  • carry out street lighting improvements

2024-2025 works programme

2023 - 2024 works programme

The list of carriageway resurfacing sites is compiled using a scoring matrix based on a number of measureable criteria, to ensure that the roads in the worst condition are prioritised across the Authority. Each road in the Bedford Borough road network is assessed and scored on an annual basis.

2022 - 2023 works programme

2021 - 2022 works programme

National Highway and Transport Public Satisfaction Survey

The reports summarise Bedford Borough Council's results in the National Highway and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey.