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You need planning permission to get a dropped kerb (vehicular crossover) if the road is a classified road in Bedford Borough. 


Alexandra Road, Bedford
Ashburnham Road, Bedford
Broadway (The), Bedford
Bromham Road, Bedford
Bushmead Avenue, Bedford
Cambridge Road, Bedford
Cardington Road, Bedford
Castle Road, Bedford
Cauldwell Street, Bedford
Church Lane, Bedford
Clapham Road, Bedford
Cleat Hill, Bedford
Conduit Road, Bedford
Dame Alice Street, Bedford
De Parys Avenue, Bedford
Eastcotts Road, Bedford
Elstow Road, Bedford
Embankment (The), Bedford
Goldington Green, Bedford
Goldington Road, Bedford
Greyfriars, Bedford
Harpur Street, Bedford
Harrowden Road, Bedford
High Road (The), Bedford
High Street, Bedford
Horne Lane, Bedford
Kempston Road, Bedford
Kimbolton Road, Bedford
Kingsway, Bedford
London Road, Bedford
Longholme Way, Bedford
Midland Road, Bedford
Mile Road, Bedford
Mill Street, Bedford
Newnham Avenue, Bedford
Park Avenue, Bedford
Polhill Avenue, Bedford
Prebend Street, Bedford
Progress Way, Bedford
Roff Avenue, Bedford
Rope Walk, Bedford
Shakespeare Road, Bedford
St Cuthbert’s Street, Bedford
St Pauls Square, Bedford
St Peters Street, Bedford
St. Johns Street, Bedford
St. Marys Street, Bedford
St Neots Road, Bedford
Tavistock Street, Bedford
Union Street, Bedford


Bromham Road, Biddenham
Great Denham (road has no name)


The Avenue, Bletsoe


Northampton Road, Bromham
Oakley Road, Bromham
Stagsden Road, Bromham
Village Road, Bromham


Bedford Road, Cardington
Cople Road, Cardington

Carlton and Chellington

Bridgend, Carlton
Felmersham Road, Carlton
Turvey Road, Carlton
The Causeway, Carlton


Bedford Road, Clapham
High Street, Clapham
Milton Road, Clapham
Oakley Road, Clapham


Church Road, Colmworth
Little Staughton Road, Colmworth
New Road, Colmworth
Wilden Road, Colmworth


Grange Lane, Cople
Northill Road, Cople
Willington Road, Cople


The Highway, Shortstown
High Road, Cotton End


West End, Elstow
Wilstead Road, Elstow


Felmersham Road, Felmersham
Memorial Lane, Felmersham
Church End, Felmersham
Hunts Lane, Felmersham
Carlton Road, Felmersham
Radwell Road, Felmersham

Great Barford 

Bedford Road, Great Barford
High Street, Great Barford
Green End Road, Great Barford
New Road, Great Barford
Roxton Road, Great Barford


Carlton Road, Harrold
Harrold Road, Harrold
High Street, Harrold


Ampthill Road, Kempston
Bedford Road, Kempston
Hardwick Box End Road, Kempston
Britannia Road, Kempston
Bunyan Road, Kempston
Cemetery Road, Kempston
High Street, Kempston
Ridge Road, Kempston
Spring Road, Kempston
St Johns Street, Kempston
West End Road, Kempston
Woburn Road, Kempston
Wootton Road, Kempston

Keysoe and Bolnhurst 

Church Road, Keysoe
Kimbolton Road, Bolnhurst
Mill Hill, Keysoe
Pertenhall Road
St Neots Road, Bolnhurst
Thurleigh Road, Bolnhurst Wybridge

Knotting and Souldrop 

Melchbourne Road, Knotting

Little Staughton

High Street, Little Staughton
Green End, Little Staughton
Spring Hill, Little Staughton


Knotting Road, Melchbourne

Milton Ernest

Bedford Road, Milton Ernest
Radwell Road, Milton Ernest
Rushden Road, Milton Ernest
Thurleigh Road, Milton Ernest


Church Lane, Oakley High Street, Oakley
Highfield Road, Oakley
Lovell Road, Oakley
Station Road, Oakley

Odell and Little Odell 

High Street, Odell
Odell Road, Odell


High Street, Pavenham
Pavenham Road, Pavenham


Kimbolton Road, Pertenhall

Podington and Hinwick 

High Street, Podington
Hinwick Road, Hinwick
Wymington Road, Podington


Oldways Road, Ravensden
Renhold Road, Ravensden
Sunderland Hill, Ravensden
Thurleigh Road, Ravensden


Church End, Renhold
Hookhams Lane, Renhold
Ravensden Road, Renhold
Wilden Road, Renhold


High Street, Riseley


Church Lane, Sharnbrook
High Street, Sharnbrook
Kennell Hill, Sharnbrook
Odell Road, Sharnbrook
Mill Road, Sharnbrook


Bedford Road, Stagsden
High Street, Stagsden
Newport Pagnell Road, Stagsden
Spring Lane, Stagsden

Staploe and Duloe 

Bushmead Road, Staploe


Court Lane, Stevington Park Road, Stevington
West End, Stevington


Broadmead Road Stewartby Way, Stewartby


High Street, Swineshead


Cross End High Street, Thurleigh
Hatch Lane Keysoe Road, Thurleigh
Mill Hill, Thurleigh
Robins Folly


Bedford Road, Turvey
Carlton Road, Turvey
High Street, Turvey

Upper Dean

High Street, Upper Dean


Barford Road Chequers Hill, Wilden
High Street, Wilden
Renhold Road, Wilden


Barford Road, Willington
Bedford Road, Willington
Sandy Road, Willington


Bedford Road, Wilstead
Cotton End Road, Wilstead
Luton Road, Wilstead
Wilstead Road, Wilstead


Bedford Road, Wootton
Cranfield Road, Wootton
Hoo Lane, Wootton Wootton Road

Wyboston / Chawston / Colesden 

Colesden Road, Chawston


Rushden Road, Wymington


High Street, Yelden