Road safety programmes

We aim to promote road safety through a range of programmes with our partners.

  • Highway Code is essential reading for everyone and includes rules on:
  • pedestrians
  • drivers and motorcyclists
  • traffic signs and road markings
  • driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Find out about local and national speed limits. The speed limit is the absolute maximum - it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive at this speed in all conditions.
  • Motorcycling Matters is a forum for anybody with an interest in enjoyable and safe motorcycling in Bedfordshire and Luton.
  • Think! advice, education and campaigns on road safety
  • Bikeability is the Department of Transport’s cycle safety and training programme for schools and adults. 
  • Travel Bedford offers information on local cycling clubs, help to choose a bike and bike safety.
  • Sustrans is a charity that works to make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

For more information email the Highways Helpdesk on

Bedfordshire Police keeps camera safety data within Bedfordshire and Luton.