Better driving

For most drivers the last time that they considered driver training was when they passed their driving test.

These organisations operate local groups who can give guidance and support to encourage you to improve your driving skills in a constructive way.

By passing an advanced driving test you will be a far safer driver and may be able to negotiate a discount for your car insurance.

Bedford Group RoSPA Advanced Drivers

Bedford Group RoSPA Advanced Drivers  aims to improve road safety standards by offering members practical guidance in driving techniques, with the ultimate aim of becoming an advanced driver. The training is based upon Roadcraft which is used by Police, Fire and Ambulance services. The Group welcomes new members and is open to anyone in the Bedford area.

IAM Institute of Advanced Motorists

Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists run groups for both cars and motorcycles. They offer advanced courses, assessments, talks, experience days.

North Herts South Beds RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders

North Herts South Beds RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders aims to promote safer driving by introducing Associate members to the same system of driving that the Police use and to train them to the standard required for the RoSPA Advanced Driver Test.