Bus service comments and complaints

Complaining about a bus service

If you have a complaint about a bus service or the way that you have been treated by a bus company or a member of its staff, then you should complain to the company (preferably in writing) in the first instance.

Try to give as much information as possible including date, time, location, and vehicle registration or route number. If you have a ticket, enclose a copy (not the original) and ensure you give a clear and concise description of your complaint.

Remember to keep your letter polite and stick to the facts of what happened.

Unresolved complaints

If your complaint remains unsolved, or you are concerned about the safety of an operators vehicle, or you have suggestions which may help to improve the operation of services in your area then please write with full details to the public transport team at Borough Hall. 

Our address is:

Public Transport Team
Bedford Borough Council
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

The Bus Appeals Body

Alternatively, if your complaint concerns staff behaviour, reliability or some other failure in service by a bus company, the Bus Appeals Body can pursue your complaint.

You must ensure that you have complained to the bus company first and that you have given them reasonable opportunity to deal with your complaint.

Write to:

The Bus Appeals Body
c/o Bus Users UK
Terminal House
TW17 8AS