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Bus lane enforcement

We are responsible for enforcing the correct use of bus lanes throughout the Borough.  Effective and efficient bus lane enforcement allows the Council and its partners to achieve easier and more consistent journey times for buses and taxis through congested areas by allowing the free flow of authorised bus lane traffic. 

Improving the public transport network will also encourage commuters to choose more environmentally friendly forms of travel and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

Remember- driving in bus lanes is illegal - Leave the bus lanes to buses or risk a £60 penalty.

Bus lanes in Bedford Borough

There are 10 bus lane areas in Bedford Borough: 

  • Greyfriars
  • Horne Lane
  • Ampthill Road
  • Kingsway
  • Bedford Road Kempston
  • The Highway Shortstown
  • Bedford Road Wilstead
  • Kempston Road Bedford
  • Greenkeepers Road Great Denham
  • Wilkinson Road Bus Gate

Bus lane enforcement

The Police are responsible for the enforcement of the majority of traffic regulations where vehicles are moving, such as speeding or other forms of dangerous driving. However, authorised by current legislation, Bedford Borough Council will enforce bus lane contraventions through the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

All bus lanes in Bedford Borough are clearly signposted and include clear markings on the road itself.

The enforcement of bus lanes is carried out by a static approved camera, which can be moved between bus lanes when needed. The camera takes a recording of any unauthorised vehicle using the bus lane and the evidence pack is then assessed by a civil enforcement officer to issue a postal penalty charge notice if necessary.

Paying a penalty charge notice (PCN)

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for a bus lane contravention, you can pay this here:

Pay a penalty charge notice 


Challenges to a  Penalty Charge Notice can only be made in writing to Bedford Parking Services at the address shown on the reverse of the Notice within 14 days of the date the Notice was issued. 

Once a challenge has been received, the Penalty Charge Notice will be placed on hold until a response is sent out.  

Alternatively, you may email your challenge to

Please ensure you include your name and postal address in your correspondence to enable us to respond to you.

Permitted vehicles in bus lanes

The only additional vehicles permitted to use bus lanes are taxis and private hire vehicles, bicycles and motorbikes.

A mini bus is defined as a bus (and so can use a bus lane) as long as it has a minimum of 10 seats including the driver.

Further information

Further information regarding Bus Lane Enforcement and PCNs is available online at

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