Structures and signage

Here are some details of the structures found on the path network. We regularly review their condition, specification and circumstances to ensure use by as many people as legally possible.


We have a duty to signpost all footpaths, bridleways and byways where they leave the metalled road. The signpost must indicate the status of the route.  

We have the option to indicate distance and destination. We can also decide not to sign if considered unnecessary or requested by the local Council. 

Waymark posts and discs

We erect waymark posts with attached coloured discs and often painted yellow tops to assist people unfamiliar with the area. Such work is carried out after consultation with the landowner, particularly if discs are attached to their property rather than the posts. Volunteer groups often carry out the waymarking.

Gates and barriers

These structures come in various forms and must be authorised by this Council. They are normally the responsibility of the landowner to maintain but we can make a contribution for any necessary repairs. To enable access for the less able but maintain stock control we would consider the replacement of a stile by a suitable gate, with the work carried out and paid for by us but the structure remaining the responsibility of the landowner. Wherever possible we would try to remove the structure and leave an appropriate gap. In strategic areas this Council aims for 95% of paths to be stile free.    

Maintenance responsibility for such structures can be divided into the Borough Council for natural obstacles and the landowner where man made.