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Current temporary rights of way closures

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) are legal orders made by Bedford Borough Council under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

They are used to close public rights of way when works are due to take place on or near their line and if there is a likely danger to users or following serious damage to the surface. There are two types of orders:

  • emergency notices that last up to 21 days
  • temporary orders which last up to 6 months with an option to extend further through the Secretary of State

If  you need to apply for a closure please complete the application form (PDF).

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) are legal Orders also made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and affect some of our Byways in the Borough. To find out what restriction is on each Byway and a location plan please see the Byways Open to all Traffic (PDF).

Any queries, please contact Highways Helpdesk on 01234 718003.

Byway closures

All notices and maps are in PDF format unless stated otherwise.

Lanes (Byways Open to All Traffic & Unclassified Road) E and W
Starts 9/05/2019 
Ends 04/11/19
PLEASE NOTE -  the closures will only be in operation during inclement weather should the lanes become damaged, which will allow time for their repair.
Lanes currently closed under this Order:

  • Odell: BOAT No 4 (Yelnow Lane) – Closed on 09/05/2019 Map 
  • Odell: Part of BOAT No 34 (Forty Foot Lane section 1) - Closed on 27/05/2019 Map 

Thurleigh: BOAT No 49  (Cross End Lane) 
Starts 21/06/19
Ends 20/12/19
The lane is currently not suitable for vehicles.

Other closures

All notices and maps are in PDF format unless stated otherwise.

Great Denham: Footpath No.1 
Notice and map
Starts 02/10/2018
Ends 01/10/2019
Construction of development in Great Denham

Harrold: Part of Footpath No 4
Notice and map 
Starts 10/06/2019
Ends 09/12/2019 
To enable revetment works to take place along the eroded bank

Kempston Rural: Footpath No 12 
Notice and Map
Starts 19/03/2019
Ends 18/08/2019

Kempston Rural: Parts of Footpath No's A3, 20 and 33 
Notice and  map
Starts 25/03/2019
Ends 24/09/2019
For construction of a new development

Little Staughton, Part of Bridleway No 2
Notice and map
Starts 29/05/2019
Ends 28/11/2019
This is due to a bridge being out of repair.

Odell: Bridleway No 33 and Part of Bridleway No 37
Notice and Map
Starts 03/07/2019
Ends 25/07/2019
To facilitate the Daxtonbury Festival

Roxton: Part of Footpath No A1
Notice and map
Starts 01/05/2019
Ends 31/10/2019
To enable Environment Agency to carry out repairs to weir and lock footbridge

Wilstead: Footpath No 3
Notice and Map 
Starts 09/06/2019
Ends 08/12/2019
To enable resurfacing works to take place on a section of the A6

Wilstead: Footpath No 4
Notice and Map
Starts 01/07/2019
Ends 31/12/2019
To enable resurfacing works to take place on a section of the A6

Wootton: Footpath No 1
Notice and map
Starts 24/07/2018
Ends 23/07/2019
For construction of a new development

Wyboston, Chawston and Colesden: Part of Footpath No A9, 37
Staploe: Part of Footpath No 8, A8

Notice and map
Starts 07/12/2018
Ends 06/06/2019
Kier will be undertaking Directional Drilling for the Little Barford Switchgear Replacement project

Wyboston, Chawston and Colesden: Footpath No A11
Notice and  map
Starts 13/06/2019
Ends 12/12/2019
To replace a missing bridge

Information correct as of 13/06/2019

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