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Local Access Forum

The Bedford Local Access Forum helps to increase enjoyment of the local countryside as well as safeguarding its future. It's now time to have your say on using the countryside in the 21st century.

Our members are local people with a balance of interests in the countryside, including:

  • recreational users
  • land managers
  • people with an interest in nature conservation, heritage, business, health, transport and access for the less able

All the Local Access Forum meetings are open to the public. Please feel welcome to come along to the next one. Find out the next meeting date on the Local Access Forum Agendas and Meeting page.

The Bedford Local Access Forum is an independent advisory body working with Bedford Borough Council. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 required all Highway Authorities to set up a Local Access Forum.

You can contact us here at:

The Forum

The Forum are members of the local community who volunteer their time and experience to improve countryside access. The ability for each member to recognise the validity of the views of others and to seek consensus is vital, as is independence from the views of any particular organisation.

We hope you use our site to enhance your future enjoyment of the countryside through the information links, to gain information about the work of the forum and share your views so that we may better represent your interests.

Who is your Local Access Forum representative?

A list of forum members is given in alphabetical order with a series of short descriptions giving greater detail about individuals. All members are giving up their own time as volunteers.

If you require any further information or wish to get in touch with a member of the Local Access Forum, please contact the Forum Secretary.

Council representative

  • Bedford Borough Council - Councillor Charles Royden

Forum members (name/interest)

  • Ann Kennedy - Horse riding and carriage driving
  • Barry Ingram - Walking
  • Nigel Jacobs - Walking
  • David Mitchell  - Restricted mobility access
  • James Russell - Forestry, land management
  • Bob Wallace - Walking, cycling, Community