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Blue Badge misuse and fraud

Report misuse of a Blue Badge

Misuse of a Blue Badge is a serious offence and in some cases may be considered to be fraud.

The Council is committed to taking action against Blue Badge fraud and misuse and in serious cases the Council will prosecute offenders. A Badge can be withdrawn if it is misused or the badge holder allows others to misuse it.

It is a criminal offence to display a Blue Badge unless the badge holder is in the vehicle, or the vehicle is being used to pick up or drop off the holder.

It is also a criminal offence for non-disabled people to use a Badge. If they do so, they are liable to a fine of up to £1,000.

Report misuse of a Blue Badge 

Examples of Blue Badge misuse and fraud

  • Lying about or exaggerating a disability to get a Badge
  • Making or using a fake Badge
  • Altering a Badge (for example to make if appear the Badge is still valid)
  • Using a Badge knowing that it is stolen
  • Using a Badge that belonged to a person that has died
  • Using a Badge when the Badge Holder is not travelling in the car

Misuse of a designated Blue Badge bay

Non-disabled people who park in a bay designated for Blue Badge holders are liable to a parking fine.

Advice about when a Badge can be used

If you are not sure about when you can use a Badge you should contact the Council for advice or see the 'How to use a blue Badge' page 

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