Electric vehicle chargepoints

EV charging in Bedford Borough

We support the use of low emission vehicles as an important element in the transition to a low carbon economy.

There are already more chargepoints for electric vehicles (EVs) per population in Bedford Borough than in many nearby areas, and we are developing an electric vehicle charging strategy which will bring even more. 

As of June 2022, new residential buildings or those undergoing major renovation must include chargepoints if they have parking spaces.

Grants are available to assist with the cost of installing a chargepoint in some types of homes when you switch to using an EV.  Some funding may also be available from car companies when you purchase an EV, or from energy companies.

Where to charge your EV in Bedford Borough 

Chargepoints are available in many Council-run car parks, and at on-street locations in some residential areas of Bedford Borough. These total nearly 40 rapid chargepoints, more than 70 standard chargepoints and four slow chargepoints.

Council-run charging bays can only be used for charging an electric vehicle, and anyone else who parks in these bays is liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice. To report a vehicle illegally occupying a charging bay, see our illegally parked vehicles page.

Many of the supermarkets and other retail sites within Bedford also offer a range of chargepoints, mostly fast and standard. These may be for the use of customers only.

Check chargepoint locations and availability online

Websites such as Zap Map allow you to check locations and view live data on all available chargepoints. Please note that Zap Map is independent of Bedford Borough Council and may not be comprehensive, other services are available.

Some EV owners make their home chargepoints available for hire via services such as Co-Charger (other services are available).

Car club

Bedford Borough Council operates an EV car club with Enterprise Car Club with one EV available to hire from Riverside car park.