CPZ Controlled Parking Zones

The Bedford Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is an area where parking regulations have been introduced to deal with a range of parking problems. Designated parking bays are provided with signs indicating their use. Yellow line restrictions – single and double – apply outside the designated bays.

Enforcement of the bays and lines is carried out by the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers. Only a vehicle displaying a parking permit, a valid pay-and-display ticket, a Visitor Voucher or a Disabled Badge can park in the designated bays. Go to the Permits page for further details and application forms.

Advantages of the CPZ

The Council believes the controlled parking zone will bring the following advantages:

  • It allows for a fair distribution of parking spaces for local residents by removing commuter parking. This is achieved by the creation of a permit-parking scheme.
  • It creates a more pleasant residential environment due to the reduction in vehicles looking for a parking space in your street.
  • There should be a reduction in traffic congestion in general with a corresponding reduction in pollution and improved public transport reliability.
  • Visitors, doctors/medical staff can find parking more easily.
  • There is a greater turnover of parking spaces in shopping areas to the benefit of local traders and shoppers.
  • As the CPZ is required to be self-financing, it will not be funded from local taxation and any surpluses will be used to fund improvements to alternative modes of transport, particularly public transport.
  • Pedestrian and highway safety is improved by a reduction in illegal parking on yellow lines.
  • There is an improvement in security as Civil Enforcement Officers are conspicuous as they patrol the streets.

However the Council recognises that there are some disadvantages with the CPZ:

  • Residents, businesses, visitors and shoppers need to pay for on-street parking.
  • Commuter parking may be displaced to other areas outside the controlled parking zone.
  • It does not protect residents' parking space outside the controlled parking zone's hours of operation.
  • It does not guarantee parking space immediately outside individual properties.

Contraventions in CPZ

If a vehicle is parked in contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order (eg by parking in the wrong place or failing to display a valid parking permit/ticket) the vehicle would be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) with the charge being £70 or £50 depending on the nature of the contravention.

CPZ parking capacity

View details of parking spaces available within the Controlled Parking Zone (Excel).

CPZ areas

Zone A - View map of Zone A (PDF)

Zone B - View map of Zone B (PDF)

Zone C - View map of Zone C (PDF)

Zone D - View map of Zone D (PDF)

Zone E - View map of Zone E (PDF)

Zone G - View map of Zone G (PDF)

Zone J - View map of Zone J (PDF)

Zone K - View map of Zone K (PDF)

Zone M - View map of Zone M (PDF)

Zone N - View map of Zone N (PDF)