Blue Badge Scheme - Overview

The Blue Badge scheme is a national parking concession scheme for people who:

  • have an enduring and substantial disability which causes¬† them, during the course of a journey, to:
    • be unable to walk;
    • experience very considerable difficulty in walking, which may include very considerable psychological distress; or
    • be at risk of serious harm when walking; or pose, when walking, a risk of serious harm to any other person
  • are severely sight impaired (blind)
  • have severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand

It allows badge holders to park close to their destination. The national concessions apply only to on-street parking but many car park owners, including the Council also allow concessions such as free parking.

The Council are responsible for issuing Blue Badges to residents of Bedford Borough who meet the criteria.

If you are applying for a Badge under the new hidden disability criteria you will need to provide supporting evidence from your healthcare professional or consultant (not your GP).

If you think you may be eligible for a Blue Badge, please read how to apply here.