Blue Badge fraud

Bedford Borough Council takes fraud very seriously and are committed to protecting public funds and services from fraud and abuse. 

Blue Badge fraud directly affects some of the most vulnerable people in Bedford Borough, those with disabilities and/or mobility issues. 

When a physically able person uses a Blue Badge to park in an area reserved for a Blue Badge holder, genuine Blue Badge users may not be able to find parking within a manageable distance of the place they are trying to go. This may lead to them missing appointments, being unable to visit shops, banks and other vital services. 

How to report Blue Badge fraud

If you know or suspect someone of Blue Badge fraud, please report it using the online form below:

Report Blue Badge fraud 

What is Blue Badge fraud

See list below for examples of what Blue Badge fraud is:

  • giving incorrect information on your Blue Badge application form about your physical/medical condition (exaggerating your lack of mobility)
  • altering a Badge so that it appears to be valid, changing the photo, name or expiry date
  • using a Blue Badge without the badge holder present, even if doing things for the Blue Badge holder, for example shopping 
  • using an expired Blue Badge, please ensure the Blue Badge is in date and valid when displayed

Investigating Blue Badge fraud

The dedicated Investigation Service works across all council service areas to investigate allegations of fraud and abuse, take action to stop and recover losses and instigate legal proceedings where necessary.

The Council takes abuse of Blue Badges very seriously and will investigate any suspected case of fraud or abuse.  Where evidence of fraud is found, the Council will take action against the person committing fraud. This may include prosecuting offenders.

Your Blue Badge rights and responsibilities

Find more information about your Blue Badge rights and responsibilities here.