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Roadworks in and around Bedford Borough

You can view roadworks in and around Bedford Borough using this interactive map.

Permit scheme

Under a Permit Scheme, anyone intending to carry out works on the road must make an application to the authority for a permit. In addition, the authority’s power to grant or refuse a permit, as well as applying conditions to the timings and/or work activity, is significantly increased. Through such capabilities, the authority operating a Permit Scheme will be better able to coordinate and control works on the road, with the aim of improving both the planning and preparation of works.

Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act provides the opportunity for Bedford Borough Council to make an application to the Secretary of State for Transport to introduce a Permit Scheme.

What permit schemes give to road users

The main purpose for the introduction of a Permit Scheme is to minimise disruption from unnecessary or badly controlled road works. There are many additional expected benefits to be achieved through more effective control of road works, which include:

  • improving journey times and reliability for all our road users.
  • reducing the congestion caused by road works.
  • improving the information available on works, including advanced warning and duration.
  • increasing the planning and control of works to improve safety and reduce damage to the road.

East of England Permit Scheme (EEPS)

As a highway authority, we have a duty to manage and control the increasing demand on our road network from the travelling public and businesses that need roads for journeys as well as the services located underneath.

As a way of managing this demand a number of authorities have worked in collaboration to introduce a Permit Scheme within their area to improve the coordination of works across their road network.

Bedford Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Luton Borough Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have developed a common Permit Scheme, called the East of England Permit Scheme (EEPS), to be applied on all the roads within their control.


Further information

Any questions or enquiries relating to the Permit Scheme should be emailed to the Council's street works team


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