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Highway network management

In our role as Highway Authority, we are responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of the non-trunk highway network in the Borough.

We develop annual programmes for capital structural maintenance in line with the  'Highways Maintenance Plan', the principles of which are:

  • deliver the statutory obligations of the Authority
  • be responsive to the needs of users and the community
  • contribute to effective highway asset management and maintain the asset value
  • support effective delivery of the statutory network management duty
  • support and add value to local transport objectives
  • support and add value to wider corporate policy objectives

Government bids and funding

Transporting Bedford 2020, Nov 2017

Go to Transporting Bedford 2020 to see all details relating to this project.

National Productivity Investment Fund Apr 17

In April 2017 the Council was awarded £671,000 from the Department for Transports Productivity Investment fund. The National Productivity Investment fund is designed to reduce congestion at key locations, upgrade or improve the maintenance of local highways assets to support the local economy. The Council will spend our allocation of the fund on a number of highways schemes such as:

  • Safety improvements on the A6 at Souldrop.
  • Refurbishing the traffic signals at Bromham Rd/Hasset St
  • Bromham Rd/Union St Signal refurbishment
  • Castle Lane resurfacing / shared surfacing scheme
  • A flood warning system to automatically provide information of road closures at river bridges in times of flooding.
  • A traffic management scheme in Lurke Street
  • Improvements to anti skid surfacing at pedestrian crossings around the Borough
  • Upgrades to a number of cycle and pedestrian crossings across the Borough.

Carriageway repairs Oct 14

Bedford Borough Council were awarded of £511,618 in 2014/15 to carry out additional carriageway repairs on its highways network. Our first quarterly statement showing how this grant money is being spent is shown in the Appendix (PDF).

Pothole fund May 14

In the 2014 Budget statement, the Government announced the creation of a Pothole Fund (“the Fund”) worth £200 million, with £168 million being made available to highway authorities in England to help repair damage to the local road network. The funding is available in the 2014/15 financial year. Bedford Borough Council has submitted a bid for funding. Details of the bid document are shown in the Appendix (PDF).

The Statement - Apr 2015 (PDF) document has been published on our website as part of the Government’s commitment to greater openness in the public sector under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Any queries about the bid can be made via the Bedford Borough Council Highways Helpdesk on 01234 718003 or at

Highways Maintenance Funding Mar 14

 In December 2012 the DfT announced in their Autumn Statement that additional Highways Maintenance Funding will be allocated to Local Authorities in 2013/14 and 2014/15. Bedford Borough Council was awarded additional funding for 2013/14 of £503k.

In accordance with the requirements of the grant the additional funds were used to extend the Council's programme of resurfacing works and enabled us to carry out much needed resurfacing works on Goldington Road in Bedford.

Carriageway and footway programme of works

The outline programme of maintenance schemes for this year can be viewed below:

2019 to 2020

2018 to 2019

2017 to 2018

Structural maintenance schemes programme of works

The programme of works for Structural Maintenance Schemes has the key objective to deliver a programme that was based on the emerging principles of the Transport Asset Management Plan, which is intended to deliver improvements in National Indicator performance. The programme also tries to meet the needs of the local community by addressing issues highlighted by elected Members and Parish Councils.

The programme has been compiled based on inspections carried out through the year and suggestions made by local Councillors and Parish Councils. The Council has had to evaluate these requests against the condition of the road, the benefits to residents and local economy as well as carrying out works that ease the burden of small scale repair works facing the Council.

In addition to these carriageway and footway repairs the Council will also maintain highways bridges, carry out works to improve highway drainage and prevent flooding and carry out street lighting improvements.

Replacing paving slabs with asphalt

Our policy when carrying out reconstruction and resurfacing works to footways and footpaths outside of the defined town centre and conservation area, is to replace areas constructed with a paving slab finish with asphalt material.

Up to date information on road works 

For information on other schemes, such as traffic management schemes, pedestrian crossings, street lighting, drainage and structures work please contact the Highways Team on 01234 718003 or got to:

For up to date information on road works in Bedford and the surrounding areas go to:


Information correct as of 04/02/2019

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