Council Announces Successful Publication of Draft 2023/24 Statement of Accounts

pound coins on top of ten and twenty pound notes

Bedford Borough Council is pleased to announce the successful publication of their draft 2023/24 Statement of Accounts by the statutory deadline of 31 May.

The Annual Statement of Accounts (also known as the Annual Financial Statements, or sometimes the Annual Financial Report) is an important statutory document produced and published by the council every year. The preparation, and the subsequent external audit, of the document is a significant undertaking for the finance function and the oversight of these tasks is one of the key undertakings for the council’s Responsible Finance Officer (the “Section 151 Officer”).

The Statement of Accounts is intended to provide publicly available information to demonstrate how the council has stewarded public money over the past financial year. They are prepared and published to give electors, local taxpayers, service users, elected members, employees and other interested parties clear information about the council’s finances over the previous financial year, setting these in the wider council context.

Julie McCabe, Assistant Chief Executive (Finance) & Chief Finance Officer, said: “This achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional effort and dedication of our Finance Team in ensuring the timely and accurate completion of these accounts.” 

You can view the draft statement of accounts at