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Gambling application forms

Facilities used for betting, gaming and participating in a lottery as defined in the Gambling Act 2005 require a Premises Licence or Permit from the Local Licensing Authority. Non-commercial societies also require to register with the Local Licensing Authority to operate small scale lotteries.

Apply for a licence 

To apply for a Premises Licence or Permit, applicants must complete and submit an application form (with the required scale plans of the facilities) and pay the required fee. They must serve copies of the application on the responsible authorities and give notice at the site and in a local newspaper.  Responsible authorities and those who could be affected by the proposed activities may make representations on the application within 28 days of the notices.

You can download application forms using the links on this page. Once signed, you can also return them electronically. Online payment of the required fee is available further down the document titled 'fees'. 

Premises licences and other authorisations

Central government has prescribed the application forms for Premises Licences and other Authorisations under the Gambling Act 2005. These application forms are available below: 

When making an application for a Premises Licence, notice must be given to each of the responsible authorities within a period of 7 days beginning on the date on which the application is made.

Notice application forms

To download these 'Notice' application forms, click below:


Central government has prescribed the application forms for Permits under the Gambling Act 2005. These application forms are available below: 


You can make an online payment here.  Scroll down to the relevant section of the page titled 'Gambling Act 2005'. 

Online payment

Current applications for Gambling Act 2005


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Responsible authorities in Bedford Borough

Regulation summary 

A summary of the eligibility criteria for this licence

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Gambling Act 2005 privacy statement 

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