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Yoga and Wellbeing in the Park

This year's event will take place on Sunday 11 June 2023 at Bedford Park (next to the Pavilion). There will be free yoga sessions available for all ages and abilities plus a Mindful Zone which will include mental health and wellbeing advice and signposting.

This event has been running for four years and usually coincides with International Yoga Day. However due to previous bookings in the park we have had to move it to Sunday 11 June.

All Yoga sessions are free with no booking necessary.

All we ask is that you fill in a disclaimer on arrival.

Area A

Time Session


Yoga flow for intermediate level with Tree of Life Yoga

Deepen your breath awareness through a beautiful flowing yoga class with the chance to remain in postures and move your energy with your breath.


Gentle yoga and Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing for all ages and abilities with Yoga with Lenka

Journey inward with vibrant yoga flow and relaxing sounds of pan drum and Yoga Nidra, led by Jamie.

You’ll immerse yourself in the vibrations and sounds of pan drum while giving yourself the space to let go of what no longer serves you.


Hot Yoga Sequence for all ages and abilities with Hollie Cameron

Yoga 45 minutes mini practice-based on the traditional hot yoga sequence, suitable for all levels.


Soulful Yoga for all ages and abilities with Genevieve O Yoga and Dance

Soulful, slow-flowing yoga practice to energise and evoke a sense of well-being and calm.


Zen and Vinyasa Flow for all ages and abilities with Patrizia Andreana Chand

Zen “Joy” Yoga Flow: a slow-paced, breath-focused sequence of poses designed to create more openness in the shoulders and hips and ending with a short Relaxation to leave you feeling rested, joyful and energised. Open to all abilities.


Dive into Downward Dog for all ages and abilities with Train 108

Explore your Downward Facing Dog or ‘Adho Mukha Svanasana’. This class will take a look at your alignment in the popular yoga pose.


Sound Bath for all ages and abilities with Nathan Sounds

Sound baths can help people with physical, emotional, and mental imbalance and bring harmony and greater wellbeing.


Sunday Gentle Summer Flow for all ages and abilities with Julia K Yoga and Healthy Living

We will move into a slow, calm pace yoga to connect with your unique being. Accessing a deep nourishment for your mind, body through slow and loving movements, gentle breath work and a time for relaxation.

Gentle yoga can help to relieve stress, increase flexibility, calms the mind and help enhance range of motion. Everyone is welcome, suitable for all.


Hatha Yoga for over 12s and all abilities with B Ascending

The session will consist of yoga asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork). Suitable for beginners.

Area B

Time Session


Yoga and Pranayama for all ages and abilities with KT Yoga

A gentle yoga flow combined with breathing exercises.


Sound Bath for all ages and abilities with Tree of Life Yoga

Immerse yourself in an introduction to full body meditation, lie down and get comfortable as the vibrations from the music and sound bowls help balance and transport you more deeply within. Leave feeling calmer and more energised.


Mindfulness and Mountain Meditation for all ages and abilities with Mindlight Meditation

The "Mountain Meditation" is a sitting meditation that encourages us to seek inner stability and peace, even in the face of unpredictable change and chaos. It leaves the practitioner feeling empowered with a strong sense of self worth and clarity


Chair Yoga for all ages and abilities with Lauren Aimée Yoga

An entirely seated class, using the support of the chair to explore movement and yoga asana. This class is ideal for those who are uncomfortable or unable to come down to the ground.


Yoga for Young Minds aimed at 15-19 year olds, all abilities with Lauren Aimée Yoga

A welcoming and safe space for young minds to explore the anxiety and stress reducing benefits of yoga through movement and relaxation.


Breathwork and Meditation for all ages and abilities with Patrizia Andreana Chand

Kindness Meditation: through simple breathing techniques and movements (Kriya) you will be guided into a deep state of calm and then into a meditation to engender feelings of compassion, love and kindness for all. Open to all abilities.


Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation for all ages and abilities with Mindlight Meditation

The 'Loving Kindness' or Metta meditation helps us to cultivate and express compassion, goodwill and kindness towards ourselves and others by meditating on a number of guided silent mantras. It leaves the practitioner with a sense of connection and positivity.


Laughter Yoga for all ages and abilities with Laughterandlife Ltd

A  combination of yogic breathing, stretching and laughter exercises. Laughter is the best medicine it really is, during laughter yoga we raise our endorphins, the happiness hormones, and reduce our stress levels. As a result, you will feel healthier, happier and more alive. 


Meditation Session for all ages and abilities with Laughterandlife Ltd

We will be practicing an appreciation of nature Mindfulness Meditation. This will be a combination of sitting and maybe standing and slow walking. We will be focussing awareness on the nature around us. The practice will include appreciation and gratitude.

Mindful Zone

Information and advice available will be from local mental health services and charities.

Visit the Mindful Zone after your yoga session and speak to the Mindful sport team about regular weekly activity sessions which focus on improving mental health and wellbeing. Plus find information on self-help concepts and the wellbeing service.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Information will be provided by a wide range of external providers and only information with a council or NHS logo is officially endorsed.

If you would like to get involved please email

Junior Aquathlon

The Bedford Junior Aquathlon is a continuous swimming and running event for children in school years 3 to 11 (with variation of lengths and laps according to age).

The next Bedford Junior Aquathlon will take place on 15 October 2023 at Robinson Pool in Bedford Park.

Bookings will open closer to the event.

Find out the full distances each age group will be required to swim and run.

No entries will be accepted on the day. 

Aquathlon rules, running routes and pool layout

Please read the following documents, they contain important information for participants.

Email for more information about the Bedford Junior Aquathlon.