Stevington Windmill

Stevington Windmill is an impressive postmill built in the 18th century and is the only complete windmill left in Bedfordshire.

It was constructed around a central post so that it can be turned to face into the wind.

The windmill operated commercially, mostly grinding cattle feed, until 1939. It was purchased and restored in 1951 by Bedfordshire County Council, as part of the County's contribution to the Festival of Britain.

Stevington Windmill was probably the last windmill in Britain working with four common (cloth covered) sails, which were replaced 2004. The sails are turned periodically and the machinery, though requiring constant maintenance, is in rough working order.


The Windmill is currently undergoing some restoration, whilst this is being carried out there is no access into the structure.  It is available to view from the outside unrestricted and without an appointment any day of the week.

How to find Stevington Windmill

The Windmill is located west of Bedford, south of the Stevington - Bromham Road.

Address: 2 Windmill Lane, Stevington, Bedford MK43 7QZ