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Jubilation Centre

The centre hosts a variety of activities: karate, over 55s club, church groups, health and exercise groups. It can be hired for children's parties and it also hosts youth groups from time to time.


Opened in 1997, this refurbished centre provides a main hall with kitchen facilities (small cooker, fridge and microwave), a smaller hall suitable only for meetings and Wi-Fi.
The hall is available for hire until 10pm. The hall must be vacated and left clean at the end of the hire period.
The centre can accommodate 60 people in the main hall and 30 people in the smaller hall which is only suitable for meetings. Wheelchair users can access the centre via concrete ramps. Disabled toilet facilities are provided.
The hall is available for hire until 10pm and must be vacated and left clean at the end of the hire period.


If you are interested in booking the community centre you can request further information about availability, confirmation of charges and conditions of hire by completed the form below.  

Community centre availability

What's on


Physiotherapy - Bedford Hospital
11am - 4.30pm 


Pulmonary Rehabilition - Bedford Hospital
9.30pm - 4pm  

Starlight Dance and Theatre Company
4.45 - 7.30pm  


Physiotherapy - Bedford Hospital
9am - 1pm 

Pulmonary Rehab - Bedford Hospital
9am - 1pm 

Tai Chi 
7 - 8pm 


Jubilee Coffee Club for over 55s
Contact: Margaret Waller
Tel: 01234 357528 

Physiotherapy - Bedford Hospital
1 - 4.30pm 


Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Bedford Hospital
9.30am - 1pm 

Street Dance classes
Contact: Nisha
Tel: 0775 4749941

Chief Cornerstone Church
7 - 8.30pm 

Dance4Fun Street Dancing
Contact: Chanique
Tel: 0778 7602371

Newgate Church (2,3,4,5, Fridays of the month)


Newgate Church - Redeemed Christian Church of God 
Tel: 07707 542353
9.30 - 12.30pm

Christ United Pentecostal Church - 2 - 4.30pm 


Jubilation Centre
Moulton Avenue 
MK42 0JB

Shanice Brown
Phone:  07935 89954


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