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Tenancy fraud

There are lots of people in need of safe, secure, affordable housing in Bedford Borough. If we can deal with tenancy fraud issues, we can make sure that the people who need these homes get them and the people who are abusing the system are stopped.

Report tenancy fraud

Your can report suspected tenancy fraud to us using the online form below. You do not have to give your name and all information is treated in strict confidence.

Report tenancy fraud

Social housing fraud issues

  • Some people are lying to get social housing that they are not entitled to.
  • Some tenants are subletting their homes to make themselves richer.
  • Social housing properties are being left empty.

Social housing fraud is an area of real concern to local councils and social landlords. In 2012 it was reported that at least 2-4% of all social housing is subject to some form of tenancy fraud, nationally this equates to around 100,000 homes being abused.

Whilst these abuses within the social housing stock are going on there is also a growing demand for safe and secure housing. People are finding it increasingly hard to find homes, whether this be people being able to buy their own home, privately rent or secure Social Housing, there is a demand for housing that currently outweighs supply.

Homeless populations across the country are increasing, including in Bedford and the best way to address this issue is to ensure that all Councils and Housing Associations are making best use of their available properties and ensuring that these are not being abused by those wanting to make money out of the situation or leaving properties empty whilst others cannot find a home.

By dealing with tenancy fraud within Bedford Borough we aim to recover properties that have been obtained falsely, are being sublet or where tenants are breaching their tenancy conditions. These homes will then be made available to people of Bedford who are in need safe, secure and affordable housing.

Bedford Borough Council is working in partnership with the housing association bpha to address these issues and target those individuals that are choosing to abuse the system.