Tenancy fraud

Bedford Borough Council takes fraud very seriously and are committed to protecting public funds and services from fraud and abuse. 

The dedicated Investigation Service works across all Council service areas to investigate allegations of fraud and abuse, take action to stop and recover losses and instigate legal proceedings where necessary.

Tenancy fraud takes vital social housing properties away from families and individuals most in need or homeless and need of safe and secure social housing in Bedford Borough. When tenancy fraud is committed, it take these properties away from them, which could lead to them being housed in temporary accommodation or B&Bs.

Tenancy fraud also has a large cost for Bedford Borough Council, funds that could instead be used to support other services such as social care and schools.

How to report tenancy fraud

If you know or suspect someone is committing tenancy fraud, you can tell us about it using the link below:

Report tenancy fraud

What is tenancy fraud

It is a criminal offence to provide false information when registering for housing or failing to declare changes in your circumstances once on the housing register.

Once given a social housing tenancy, it is also a criminal offence to sublet or abandon this property.

See the list below for example of what tenancy fraud is:

  • giving incorrect information on your housing application, about where you live or who lives with you
  • giving incorrect information on your housing application about what income or savings you have
  • failing to tell the housing team if your circumstances change before being given a property, such as, you move house or your income changes
  • subletting a social housing property, whether for profit or not
  • moving out of your social housing property and allowing someone else to live in it or leaving it empty.
If you are found to have done any of the above acts, you may be evicted from the property and may be prosecuted.