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Housing strategies

Housing impacts on many areas of everyday life.

To ensure we provide the right housing services to meet local needs and priorities, we produce strategies and action plans. We also consult with members of the local community and our partners to make sure we take their views into account.

Draft Housing Strategy Consultation 

The Consultation period for the draft Housing Strategy 2021-2026 has now ended. All responses received are now being considered as part of the consultation process.

Housing Strategy 2012-2020

The Housing Strategy 2012-2020 is a detailed assessment of current and future needs within Bedford Borough and is based around the following themes:

  • housing needs and the housing market
  • the provision of affordable housing and delivery of growth
  • making best use of the existing housing stock
  • homelessness and meeting the needs of vulnerable people

The strategy identifies a number of key objectives for each of the themes. Working towards these objectives will help us meet the existing and future housing needs of our communities.

Care and support accommodation strategy

The Housing Strategy 2012-17 committed the Council to preparing an accommodation strategy for vulnerable groups. The overall Care and Support Accommodation Strategy is comprised of four separate strategies, which are:

Learning disabilities accommodation strategy 2017-2022

Physical disabilities accommodation strategy

Strategy currently in development.

Mental health accommodation strategy 2018-2023

Mental health accommodation strategy 2018-2023 (PDF)
Mental health accommodation strategy 2018-2023 action plan review (PDF)

Older persons’ accommodation strategy 2018-2023

Older persons' accommodation strategy 2018 - 2023 (PDF)

Homelessness strategy 2016-2021

Homelessness strategy 2016-2021 (PDF)
Homelessness strategy action plan (PDF) reviewed November 2018
Homelessness strategy action plan (PDF) revised version as approved at 6 November 2019 Housing Committee

Empty homes strategy 2019-2024

Empty homes strategy 2019-2024 (PDF)
Empty homes action plan 2020 (PDF)

Tenancy strategy 2019-2024

Tenancy strategy 2019-2024 (PDF)
Fixed term tenancy review report 2019 (PDF) reviewed October 2019 

Bedford strategic housing market assessment

We commissioned Opinion Research Services (ORS) to update the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and establish the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing based on the most up to date information now available.

Private sector housing

We commissioned the Building Research Establishment to complete a private sector stock modelling exercise. A Private Sector Stock Report was completed in 2018 and an addendum report in 2020.

Private Sector Housing Stock Modelling Report (PDF)

Private Sector Housing Stock Modelling Report Addendum (PDF)

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