Boiler replacement loan scheme

Between 2010 and 2013, Bedford Borough Council offered interest free loans to allow eligible residents to replace boilers in their homes.

The Home Energy Loan Scheme included the condition that the property can not be sold before the loan was repaid.

You can repay this loan online using the link below.

You will need a valid credit/debit card and an email address for contact.

Repayment process

These loans were issued as interest-free loans.

To repay the loan we advise you to contact the Council at a very early stage when considering selling the property as the process can sometimes take around 30 days to complete.

Once you have made contact with us, the Housing Strategy team will confirm the amount owed and arrange for a copy of the Home Energy Loan Agreement to be sent to the Council’s Legal Team. This usually takes 5-10 working days.

We will then contact the homeowner, or their solicitor, to confirm the amount to be repaid to the Council.

There are two ways to repay the loan.

  1. Pay online using the link below. This takes you to an eform where you firstly submit information and then secondly make a payment. 
  2. Pay via bank transfer. Please email to arrange stating the property address and, where known, the surname of person on the legal agreement.

Once the repayment has been received and cleared, our Legal Team will arrange for the restriction at the property to be removed at the Land Registry. Our Legal Team will require a payment of its fees in advance for this work. The fee will be confirmed and invoiced separately by the Legal Team.

Once the loan and legal fees are paid it can take around 10-14 working days for the restriction to be removed. The removal of the restriction is dealt with by the Land Registry and is out of the Council’s control.

When the restriction has been removed our Legal Team will inform the homeowner, or their Solicitor and provide the necessary documentation.

Pay a boiler replacement loan