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Sustainability projects

This is a summary of actions and activities we have taken to reduce carbon emissions in Bedford Borough and to encourage others to live more sustainably.

Boatside hydro power facility

The Boatside hydro power facility, which opened in 2012, utilises the power of the river to drive the equipment to generate electricity. This is what it has generated so far, from 1 April 2014 to 31st March 2021

  • Total kWh generated – 721,848.64
  • Total kWh exported – 567,223.86
  • Total income from the feed in tariff - £201,738.84

Read more about hydro power facility (PDF) and the use of the Archimedean screw turbine (PDF)

RE:FIT conservation project

The RE:FIT programme is the largest energy conservation project ever to be undertaken by the Council, and signals a new approach to save energy and money in order to protect services and reduce the Council’s carbon footprint. Utilising the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) RE:FIT framework, we partnered with MITIE, an Energy Service Company responsible for designing and installing energy conservation measures.

A number of different energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies have already been installed within the Council’s estate. Works have been completed at:

Climate Change Fund projects

The Climate Change Fund represents the commitment of the Borough Council to tackling carbon emissions and that of The Council reducing its own carbon emissions to become Carbon Neutral by 2030.

The Climate Change Fund will be used to promote carbon reduction across the Borough and can be allocated to projects to assist the Council reach carbon neutral.

The Mayor’s Climate Change Fund previously had a tremendous impact on 54 projects over 40 different sites including schools, village halls and community centres, churches and a theatre all facilitating the delivery of measures which reduced impact on the environment.

It supported a wide array of measures which helped to make not-for-profit organisations and facilities more sustainable, by both reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Climate Change Fund will operate on a 50% match-funded basis of between £5k and £20k, it is in line with the Council’s commitment to tackle climate change and help protect our environment. Applications and criteria are available through online forms below.

Bids will be assessed by a panel of Councillors Charles Royden, Michael Headley and a representative from Labour.

See case studies from previous projects:

Priory Country Park renewable project

The following measures were installed at the Priory Country Park Visitor Centre to reduce the centre's energy and water consumption, carbon emissions and utility bills. It was also used to raise awareness and understanding of the eco-technologies installed

Energy efficiency Improvements

Renewable energy system:

Water conserving technology:

The project has brought together a range of energy and water saving measures in one building, which can be easily accessed by visitors, who are able to see the technology in action.

Interpretation boards are displayed in the Visitor Centre, to explain to the Borough’s residents, communities and businesses how the systems that have been installed work and to help them to consider the technology for their own homes and buildings.

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