Register of flood risk features

The Borough Council, as Lead Local Flood Authority, must establish and maintain a register of structures or features which, in the opinion of the authority, are likely to have a significant effect on flood risk in its area. 

We also have a duty to develop a record of information about each of these structures or features, including information about ownership and state of repair.

What the register does

By collecting information on, and mapping, these assets we will be able to:

  • Develop more informed maintenance regimes, which can take account of assets improvement for managing flood risk areas.
  • Establish where all of our drainage and water course systems are, allowing for quicker identification of the responsible authority during incidents of flooding.
  • Produce and publish a maintenance schedule for our own assets, as well as producing guidance for riparian owners as to how to maintain their assets.

We are currently working closely with our partners to develop and populate the register and records. A summary register will be published here on our website soon.