Investigating flooding

We are the Lead Local Flood Authority and have a duty to investigate certain incidents of flooding. Report an incident to have it looked into. 

When we investigate

The need to investigate an incident of flooding is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Council. It takes into account factors such as uncertainty in the cause of flooding and the number of properties which have been affected.

What we do

Our investigation will look at the flooding issue in detail and try to establish what happened, what was affected and why. It will also suggest ways of reducing the risk of repeat events in the future. 

Only when Bedford Borough Council carries out a formal flood investigation must it publish the results of the investigation. It is not the responsibility of the council or the Investigating Officer to resolve the incident.

Published formal flood investigation reports

December 2020

Appendix 1: Section 19 Flood Investigation Report – December 2020 Flood Event (PDF)

Appendices 2 to 27: specific borough location Section 19 reports (all PDF documents).

Please download the PDF and then open within a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to use the interactive functionality.

You can also view the locations of the reports on a map here.

Previous reports