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Preventing terrorism

Let’s Talk About It

We run the Let’s Talk About it campaign in partnership with Bedfordshire Police to challenge extremism in all its forms and to safeguard people and communities from the threat of terrorism. 
We work with the Police, our partners and our communities to: 

  • build close relationships in our schools, universities, prisons, places of worship, health services, children’s services, community groups, charities and other institutions
  • challenge extremist ideology
  • create greater awareness of the threats we face from terrorism

Twitter: @ltaiprevent
Phone: 01582 473080

Anti-terrorist hotline

If you see or hear something that could be terrorist related call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 800 789 321.

Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism

You can report online material such as:

  • articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence 
  • websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations
  • videos of terrorist attacks