Our role in the Bedford Community Safety Partnership

Bedford Borough Council is part of the Bedford Community Safety Partnership (CSP), which brings together agencies concerned with tackling and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in Bedford Borough. 

Other members of CSP include:

CSP’s vision is: 

“Tackling crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse and increasing perceptions about safety and well-being in our communities.” 

CSP’s key actions are detailed in the 2020-23 Community Safety Partnership Plan.

The Partnership’s priority work areas, as set out in the recent crime and disorder Strategic Assesment 2021 (PDF), are:

  • High Harm & Violence – focusing on the impact of violent crimes on victims, families and the wider community, recognising the links between Domestic and Sexual Abuse alongside the new emerging patterns of Knife Crime, Youth Violence and Robbery.
  • Hidden Harm & Exploitation – focusing on the identification and protection of some of the most vulnerable within our community, exploring themes of Criminal Exploitation and links to Child Sexual Exploitation, County Lines and Modern Slavery.
  • Building Community Confidence – listening and responding to communities with an aim to build the networks and trust needed to identify local issues and deliver solutions.

For information about our work reducing environmental crime such as fly tipping and graffiti, visit our Keeping Bedford Borough clean section. 

Community Safety Partnership Consultation 2019

Public consultations form an important part of the Partnership’s evaluation process, gathering data on the community's perception of crime and ASB and awareness of emerging issues in both their local area and the Borough as a whole.

The 2019 Consultation informs the work of the Partnership and is incorporated into the Strategic Assessment process.

A new consultation will be delivered by the partnership in the summer of 2022 and the findings will be published on this page later in the autumn.

Domestic Homicide Review 2011

Domestic homicide reviews are carried out to make sure lessons are learned when a person has been killed as a result of domestic violence (domestic homicide).

As a result of a domestic homicide that occurred in 2011, Bedford Community Safety Partnership undertook a Domestic Homicide Review to identify the circumstances that led to the death.

The Executive Summary of the Domestic Homicide Review (PDF) identifies the key findings.