Council Tax fraud

Bedford Borough Council takes Fraud very seriously and are committed to protecting public funds and services from fraud and abuse. 

Council Tax Fraud takes vital funds away from Bedford Borough Council that could be used to support services such as Adult Social Care and Children’s Services.

How to report Council Tax fraud

If you know or suspect someone is committing Council Tax fraud, you can tell us about it using the link below:

Report Council Tax fraud

What is Council Tax fraud

Council tax fraud is committed when someone deliberately gives false or misleading information so that they can pay less or no Council Tax.

It is a criminal offence to try to avoid paying Council Tax by giving false information or failing to declare changes which affect how much Council Tax is due to be paid.

This includes:

  • providing false or incorrect information when applying for Council Tax Support, discounts, exemptions or other reductions
  • claiming a Single Person Discount (SPD) when other adults are living at the property
  • claiming a Student discount or exemption when not enrolled on a course of full-time education or not declaring non-students are resident at the property
  • claiming a property is empty/unoccupied when it is not
  • not telling the Council when a discount or other reduction should be cancelled

Investigating Council Tax fraud

The dedicated Investigation Service works across all council service areas to investigate allegations of fraud and abuse, take action to stop and recover losses and instigate legal proceedings where necessary.

The Council takes abuse of the Council Tax system very seriously and will investigate any suspected case of fraud. 

Where evidence of fraud is found, the Council will take action against the person committing fraud. This may include prosecuting offenders.