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Fair Debt Collection Policy

Get in touch - not in debt

The Council has a policy to collect money that it is owed as fairly as possible. A copy of the policy may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Fair Debt Collection Policy (PDF)

The Council appoints enforcement agent companies to collect money that it is owed when a court order is made for payment. The enforcement agents have the power to seize goods belonging to the person or company owing money and to sell the goods to pay the outstanding bill.

As part of the Fair Debt Collection Policy the Council has a code of conduct for enforcement agents (formerly known as bailiffs) acting on behalf of Bedford Borough Council to collect Council Tax and Business Rates.

The Code of Practice is to help make sure that when collection money due to the Council enforcement agents act within the law and follow the aims of Council's Fair Debt Collection Policy.

View the Code of Practice for Enforcement Agents (PDF)

If you have a complaint about the actions of an enforcement agent your should first of all contact the enforcement agent company and ask them to deal with your complaint.  

If you are not satisfied with the response that you receive you should then contact the Council.