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Website help

Navigating around our website 

To move around our website, click on the menu items with your mouse. 

Once you have left the home page, you'll notice that a line of text at the top of each page shows you which section you are in. The words are links and can be used to trace your steps back to the home page.

Menus that appear on the right-hand side on a desktop computer will move to the top left-hand side on a mobile device - click on > MENU to open.

Using the search box

You will find the search box on every page on our website - this will appear in the centre on a desktop and right-hand corner on a mobile device. 

To use the site search, type in a word or phrase relating to the information you are looking for into the search box and then click the 'magnifying glass' icon. A list of links to pages containing your search word will display.

Using the search A - Z

The A-Z search lists all the pages on our website in alphabetical order by page name. If you know the name of the page you are looking for you may prefer to search in this way.

Using the Services menu

Bedford Borough Council provides a range of services for residents and local businesses and we have grouped these into 15 areas. Click on the one you want to be taken to the landing page for that area.

How can I view a Word, Excel or PDF?

The text is too small for me to read - how can I change it?

In Internet Explorer go to View > Text size and select the text size, eg Larger or Largest
On a keyboard click Ctrl and the + key

Reporting a website problem

Please complete this online form if you notice any problems with the Bedford Borough Council website.