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Relevant Council
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Responsible Head(s) of Service Report to Petitioner (or reason if rejected)
Stop proposed building development 20/02436/EIASCP - Land Off Canberra Road Shortstown known locally as College Farm 361 at 23 March
Cotton  End Residents Group
A Murray
e-petition to 1 April 2021
Cllr Gallagher
Director of Environment To be referred as part of planning process
Bedford Borough Council's support for East West Rail Route E 1906
2 Feb  2021
S Arnold
e-petition to 16 March 2021
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 24/2/21:
Council notes:
1. That the decision on the preferred route corridor has been taken, by the East West Rail Company and the government, following a public consultation and engagement process in 2019.
2. Bedford Borough Council promoted the public consultation to local residents, including making clear its preferred route, supported by all parties on the Council.
3. The Council’s preference for the route of East West rail to pass through Bedford Midland station is long established, including through local development scheme documents dating back to 2011, and throughout the Local Plan 2030 plan-making process.  These processes included extensive, repeated rounds of public consultation.
4. The Council’s preference is based on many reasons, including the £6.23m (12%) greater annual economic benefit of a Bedford Midland route over a route to the south of the town, and the greater number of Bedford Borough residents who will benefit from the work and leisure opportunities presented by East West Rail.  
5. East West Railway Company concluded that the preferred route “delivers the best value for the taxpayer, returning the most benefit for every pound spent” and “It was the most popular option with people who responded to our consultation” and finally that “It delivers the best opportunities for the environment.”
6. The selection of a route via Bedford has enabled progress to be made on the much-needed Wixams station, while a southern route would have likely been fatal to it.
7. A new consultation on the route alignment is expected from the East West Railway Company in the next few weeks.
Council resolves that the Executive is asked:
a. To maintain Bedford Borough Council’s commitment to work to minimise the disruption to local residents and the natural environment during the construction and operation of East West Rail.
b. To promote the East West Railway Company’s forthcoming public consultation on the alignment of the line between Bedford and Cambridge, and to encourage Bedford Borough residents to take part.
c. To lobby for the full electrification of the railway, including recognising the benefits of a quieter electrified railway.
Flood defences in Bedford Borough 661
13 January 2021
Cllr Weir
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 24/2/21:
That the Council receives the petition, and acknowledges all the good work that consistently exists in protecting our residents and businesses in the Borough. The Council will set up a water management forum to include Councillors that will facilitate the promotion of good practice in and around our communities in relation to flood risk and communicate effectively with all partners and communities on all aspects of water management
End the contract with Fusion Lifestyle 45
3 December 2020
e-petition to 14/3/21
S Clarke
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 17/3/21:
That the Executive be asked to:
 (1) continue to manage the contract with the provider, Fusion Lifestyle, and reopen its facilities as soon as they are confident that the necessary management arrangements and risk assessments concerning COVID-19 are in place in order to sustain the continued protection of the communities within the Borough; and
(2)  revert to the Action Plan as agreed in December 2019 and ensure delivery of the service is in line with what the contract calls for taking account of the global pandemic and subject to any national restrictions imposed by the Government.
Wixams: Enquiry into why The Mayor and Bedford Borough Council are not complying with their Statement of Community of Involvement 67
11 November 2020
e-petition to 23/11/20
D Baker
Wilstead: Cllr Coombes Director of Environment Full Council debate 2/12/20:
That Bedford Borough Council:
· Notes the petitioners' concerns,
· Notes that the development in question has already been approved at the ‘outline’ stage,
· Notes that the Council has a legal obligation as stated in the National Planning Policy Framework to ‘work proactively with applicants’ and ‘approach decisions on proposed development in a positive and creative way’,
· Notes that a number of amendments have been made to the scheme during the application process, with public consultation undertaken at each stage in accordance with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement,
· Notes that this has included letters to adjacent residents and Wixams Parish Council, public notices displayed at the site and in the Press,
· Notes that the Council has also responded to a number of queries from the Chair of the Wixams Community Group during the planning process,
·  Notes that the Council’s Environmental Health Officer has raised no objection to the latest amendments made to the scheme, and
· Notes that the powers concerned are delegated to the Planning Committee.
            Resolves to:
· Continue to push for a better planning policy nationally and urgent revisions to the Government's Planning White Paper which would undermine local communities' current ability to be involved in the planning process.
Delivery driver parking permit 43
9 November 2020
e-petition to 7/12/20
M Heera
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 2/12/20:
That the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Highways and Environment and Highways Officers continue to be responsive to all businesses’ loading requirements whilst recognising the importance of road safety and that the Portfolio Holder meet specifically with Mr Heera to discuss the needs of food delivery drivers and respond appropriately.
Request for Wixams Skate park 5/10/20
e-petition to 1/4/21
A Saunders
Cllr Coombes
Director of Environment
Urgent help to get Challenging and Complex needs Respite, Education and Daycare locally. 1512 at 1 Oct 2020
K Fletcher
n/a Director of Adult Services Full Council debate 14/10/20:

          That Council notes the:
  • Development of specific Task and Finish groups to deliver on the outcomes set out against Day Activities / Respite, Supported Living and Education. 
  • The multi agency partnership meeting to meet again in 6  weeks to review the options papers created 
  • Wide stakeholder engagement activity and continued coproduction to take place with service users (young adults with complex needs and the parents and carers who support them) to continue to develop service specifications and local services to meet local needs 
  • Commitment to include parents and carers and young adults where appropriate in the awarding of contracts / interviewing of providers to deliver the services agreed through the options paper 
  • Detailed market analysis and research (linking in with BLMK workstream) to establish provider capacity and work with the market to develop the specification(s). 

          That a report on the outcomes goes to the Parent Carers Forum, the Portfolio Holder for Adults Services and the Adults Overview and        
          Scrutiny Committee by the end of 2020. 
Petition the Council to support residents who live, play, walk and generally enjoy the open green space offered by the Great Denham Golf Course, to resist and block the proposed closure of the course on 16th October 2020. 15/7/20
Petition on
15 July 2020 - currently approaching 2600 signatures
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Director of Environment Full Council debate 14/10/20:

            That this Council notes:
  • The stated intent of the owners of Great Denham Golf course (which acts as an Urban Gap between Biddenham and Great Denham) to repurpose the site
  • Paragraph 97 of the NPPF which states that "Existing open space, sports and recreational buildings and land, including playing fields, should not be built on unless:
  1. An assessment has been undertaken which has clearly shown the open space, buildings or land to be surplus to requirements; or
  2. The loss resulting from the proposed development would be replaced by equivalent or better provision in terms of quantity and quality in a suitable location; or
  3. The development is for alternative sports and recreational provision, the benefits of which clearly outweigh the loss of the current or former use"
That Policy 99 of the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 refers to the loss of existing sports and community facilities states:
"The loss of existing sports and community facilities will be permitted where either of the following can be demonstrated:
  1. Up to date evidence has been provided that demonstrates the facility is surplus to existing and future needs; or
  2. The facility is to be relocated and is similar scale to the current facility (i.e. no net loss in floor area), is of an equivalent standard and able to serve the same community. In the case of sports facilities, alternative sports facilities may be considered as a replacement if this can be justified with appropriate evidence of need. 

Policy AD41 Urban Area Boundary
“This Plan seeks to prevent coalescence between nearby rural settlements, particularly with the urban area through a local gaps policy. The objectives of this policy are:
    • To prevent the coalescence of settlements.
    • To maintain the predominantly open and undeveloped character of the gap.
    • To protect the separate character and identity of settlements including their setting.
Policy AD43 Urban Open Spaces and Gaps

Open areas which have particular importance in maintaining the function, character and identity of the urban area are identified on the Policies Map as urban open spaces. These include:
  1. Buffers between different land uses.
  2. Green breaks in an otherwise built up area.
  3. Visual breaks to safeguard local distinctiveness including views
Golf Clubhouse planning permission
Condition 8 states “The premises shall only be used as a Clubhouse in connection with the use of the adjoining land as a golf course and for no other purpose (including any other purpose in Class D2 of the Schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, or any provision equivalent to that Class in any statutory instrument revoking or re-enacting that Order).”.
The reason given for this condition is to enable the Local Planning Authority to exercise control over future use of the building.

Greenkeepers Compound planning permission
On 27th November 1997, a Reserved Matters application was granted consent for the “Construction of green keepers maintenance building and storage compound, involving a chemical store, irrigation tank and storage hoppers.”
Condition 7 states “The development hereby permitted shall only be used in connection with the use of the adjoining golf course”
  • That in the case of Great Denham Golf Course site, none of the above conditions will have been met if the course is closed. The landowner and their agent have made a unilateral decision to close the course and have failed to engage with the community. They took these decisions in 2018 but only informed the community on 2nd July 2020. The membership of 504 and 30,000 rounds of golf per annum prior to threat of closure, confirms that the facility is not surplus.
  • That to date nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition to save Great Denham Golf Course from being repurposed for development and put the Urban Gap and Open Green Space at risk
This Council resolves:
  • To uphold the policies and planning conditions outlined in Paragraph 97 of the NPPF and Policy 99 of the Bedford Local Plan 2030. Policy AD41 Urban Area Boundary. Policy AD43 Urban Open Spaces and Gaps. Condition 8 relating to the golf clubhouse and condition 7 relating to the Greenkeepers maintenance building.
  • To do all in its power to ensure that the Great Denham Golf Course site is maintained as an urban open space and protected urban gap.  
Introduce residents permits in Goldington/near Priory Park area 6/7/20
e-petition to 15/8/20
Mr Faraday
Cllrs Hendrickx and Sampson
Director of Environment Unfortunately did not receive public support. Directorate is aware of the request.
Heavy Goods Vehicle Traffic using the A428 in Turvey 73
Mr Higgins
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Director of Environment 15/7/20 Council RESOLVED That whilst Council recognises that the A428 is part of the Government’s recently published major road network, we would prefer HGVs to take other routes and are implementing a signing strategy to direct drivers to use the M1 instead. A traffic survey will be conducted at the end of this year or in 2021, when traffic flows return to normal. Council approves the decision of the Mayor to approve average speed cameras for Turvey, which will be installed in the coming months and the request for a second pedestrian crossing and monitoring will be considered alongside other requests.
Request for a review of proposed Traffic Regulation Order regarding Goldington Ave Bedford and to disregard the result of the 2019 poll. 61
Ms Partington
De Parys:
Cllrs Sawyer and Vann.
Director of Environment Letter sent to petitioner 11 May 2020 including: We consider that the passing places scheme in the lower section of Goldington Avenue will give space for people to pull in and give way to oncoming traffic. We will be signing these bays in advance so that drivers are aware of places to pull over. We will monitor the effectiveness of these passing places in reducing the head to head conflicts over future months after installation. A review of the passing bays will then be carried out after 12 months and if necessary we will consider if any further work is required. 
Request for a bottle bank in Great Barford 109
Mr Dynes
Great Barford Cllrs Moon and Martin-Moran-Bryant Director of Environment 6 May 2020: It is with Cllr Moon and the Parish Council to consider an option we have put to them following some questions they had on a proposed site.
To request a one-way system to be introduced in Victoria Road, Bedford. 34
Mr Anand
Cauldwell: Cllrs Sultan and Zamir Director of Environment A new petition now to be started for a one way street. Original petition withdrawn.
Stop building development at Station End, Turvey 31
e-petition to Adam Boreham
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Director of Environment To be referred to Planning Authority by petitioner in response to planning consultation.
The planning application is in abeyance pending the Neighbourhood Plan work. Given the aim is for local residents to decide where housing should go it would not be appropriate for us to say yes or no to this site until the residents’ preferred option is clear. If we were to refuse it now and it were to then become the preferred site for residents it would be very difficult to justify. Similarly we should not be approving the scheme if it is contrary to the emerging neighbourhood plan.  
Petition against 5G Technology in Bedford 33
Susan Fletcher
N/A N/A Full Council debate 5 Feb 2020 RESOLVED: That this Council notes:
The concerns raised by the petitioners in relation to the roll-out of 5G and thanks the petitioners for their conversations with various Councillors of all parties in relation to the potential impact they believe this new technology may have,
Notes a) the guidance on 5G from Public Health England and independent scientific bodies which suggest that 5G may in fact be safer than current frequencies of radio waves used for communications and the potential benefits that 5G may bring and b) the briefings submitted by the petitioners to various Councillors, Notes the Council's submission to the Government’s consultation on Proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage which recommended that 5G infrastructure require planning permission and that this consultation closed on 4 November 2019 and has so far received no response from the Government,   Notes the legal track record of the precautionary principle and the risks invoking this would pose to the independence of the Council’s own planning process, in particular with reference to Paragraph 116 of the NPPF states that local planning authorities must determine planning applications on planning grounds only and that they should not question the need for an electronic communications system or set health safeguards different from the International Commission Guidelines for Public Exposure and the limitations this places on our own legal position. And resolves to: Thank the petitioners for raising this issue with us, for their engagement in the democratic process both at Full Council and in meeting with many Councillors and,   Re-iterate its commitment to ensuring that due planning process is followed and re-state its submission to the consultation on permitted development rights for the deployment of 5G. Not take any further action due to the potential legal implications of invoking an uncertain principle in the face of uncertain evidence.
Request to install security cameras in Paradine Road Bedford 31
Stephen Kumar Khuttan
Kingsbrook: Cllrs Crofts and Solomon Director of Environment Full Council debate 15 January 2020 RESOLVED: That it be noted that the Kingsbrook Ward Councillors have arranged to purchase an additional mobile CCTV camera for use in their Ward, to be located for periods in Paradine Road and other sites in Kingsbrook, and encourages all agencies including the Council, Police and others to continue to work alongside local residents to tackle crime and enhance community safety in and around Paradine Road and the Kingsbrook Ward.
Petition against the removal of the bus service along Stagsden Road. Also regarding the lack of adequate lighting or footpath from the ring road to the Northampton Road. 109
Brookside Mobile Home Park;
Bromham and Biddenham: Cllrs Gambold and Rigby Director of Environment Petition in response to consultation on Traffic Regulation Order - so does not go for debate at Full Council.
25/11/19 Engineers wrote to petitioners:
As you will know Thistley Bridge is a cause for concern with Bedford Borough Council’s engineers, as a structural assessment has revealed that it needs replacement.  Therefore, we have consulted on implementing a weight restriction to prolong the life of the bridge until a complete replacement can be funded.  As a weight limit would prevent use by large heavy goods vehicles and buses, residents have requested that this be reconsidered due to the hardship this would cause, in particular, to elderly residents, due to the impact on public transport.  It has therefore been agreed that Council engineers will implement a rigorous monitoring policy and conduct any necessary repairs to enable the bridge to remain open.  This will continue for as long as it is safe to do so or until a new bridge can be funded. We have also received requests to improve the lighting and footway between Brookside Mobile Home Park and Northampton Road. Consequently, we have followed our lighting policy and assessed a request for additional lighting, for which an annual budget has been made available.  This area has been scored and prioritised accordingly and it will remain on the priority list for additional lighting in the future.  We have also considered the footway, currently there are already suitable footways on both sides of the road for most of this route, and as the weight limit is not to be implemented at this stage there would seem to be no improvements necessary.  The footways will however remain on the Council’s overall programme for routine inspections and maintenance.
Request for average speed cameras on A421 from Black Cat to M1 Mr M Faraday
n/a Highways Agency I note that your e-petition has completed and unfortunately did not receive public support. The road in question is the responsibility of the Highways Agency - I imagine that you will be in touch with them.
The 37% total increase of bus fare for 2018/19 for out-of-catchment students attending Holywell Middle School, Cranfield. Herberts Travel increased total fares from £388 to £807.50 per student per academic year. 71
Jade Gaynor
n/a Director of Children's Services Council debate 10 October 2018 resolved: That the Chief Executive be asked to write to Herbert's Travel on behalf of the Council in light of the issues raised in the petition.
How more greenery or trees can be planted on the Britannia Estate to offset the Carbon output of the increasing population in the Estate 0
Mr O Mukome
Cauldwell Ward: Cllrs Sultan and Zamir Director of Environment No further action although the Directorate is aware of the request.
Greater education of road safety in the Borough and safe walking routes for all schools. 346
Holywell Middle School pupils
n/a Director of Children’s Services Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That this Council requests that Officers support the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee in investigating the issue of children’s road safety and the ways in which awareness can be supported in schools.
Oppose the loss of medical provision in Bromham village 513
Bromham Parish Council
Bromham and Biddenham: Cllrs Gambold and Rigby n/a Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That this Council recognises the concerns of the petitioners regarding the relocation of the two satellite GP practices in Bromham and will write to Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to request that all efforts are made to retain at least a part-time GP presence within the village, that they ensure that they take all necessary steps to mitigate the concerns raised in the petition, together with those identified during the CCG’s engagement process, before they take any proposals to the Planning Committee, including ensuring sustainable transport links are created, such as cycleways and paths and public transport links, and to ask that once mitigation steps have been identified, that a meaningful public engagement process is once more carried out to seek the views of the most affected service users.
Road Safety - Wootton 1187
Dee Dillistone
Wootton: Cllr Wheeler Director of Environment Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That the Council recognises the considerable investment allocated for road safety and highways improvement across Wootton funded by the Borough Council and investments from Section 106 funding already in place. Mindful that Wootton Parish Council will soon have in excess of £500,000 of funds from the Community Infrastructure Levy, the Council will work with the Parish Council and the local Ward Councillor to identify any additional schemes which would be beneficial and to which it may wish to contribute. The Council has worked positively with the local Ward Councillor, Councillor Wheeler, and it proposes that Councillor Wheeler meets with the Portfolio Holder and Council Officers to discuss the funding arrangements for the proposed crossing as soon as possible with a view towards development during the Bedford Road resurfacing scheme in October.
No to Hall End Wootton Development 8
Ruth Sneath
Wootton: Cllr Wheeler Director of Environment Passed to Planning Dept. to consider as part of the planning application process
Increase the number of bins on Ashburnham Road 8
Emily Wright
Castle: Cllrs Fletcher and Reale Director of Environment No further action although the Directorate is aware of the petition.
Resident Parking Badges for Vehicles for residents who live on Ford End Road, Queens Park, Bedford 1
Mukesh Heera
Queens Park: Cllrs Masud and Yasin Director of Environment No further action although the Directorate is aware of the petition.
To remove the double yellow lines Iddlesleigh Road, Queens Park. 55
Ms N Akhtar
Queens Park Cllrs Masud and Yasin Director of Environment Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That the Portfolio Holder works with the local Councillors to deliver a solution that is satisfactory to local residents.
Petition the Council to make representations to Sharnbrook Academy Federation to reconsider the closure of vital services of Brook Day Nursery. 85
Cathrine Ward (Unison)
Sharnbrook Cllr McMurdo Director of Children's Services Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That the Council thanks the parent and carer campaigners for the petition and for all of their efforts in this matter. It also notes the work of the Council and Members in making representations to the decision makers and in supporting the families throughout this process and in assisting in identifying places for all the children who are affected.
At the approach to the roundabout at the end of new bypass on The Great Ouse Way to join the A6, request the current lanes are amended to 3 lanes from 2. Mr P Newbury
n/a Director of Environment No further action although the Directorate is aware of the petition.
Install recycling bins alongside current waste bins in Wooton. 85
Mr J Syatt
Wootton: Cllr Wheeler Director of Environment Full Council Resolved 17 July 2019: That the Council continues to work with Mr Syratt and Councillor Wheeler in Wootton to make sure that the Council is providing the best recycling facilities that it can in that area.
Install speed restriction cameras in Cemetery Road, Kempston. Between the junction with the High Street and junction for Martell Drive. 36
Mr J Howe
Kempston West - Cllr W Hunt Director of Environment Full Council 20 March 2019: That Cemetery Road, Kempston be added to the list of locations to be considered for the installation of average speed cameras.
Create, and more importantly enforce, parking restrictions in Lavender Lane, Great Denham and surrounding roads. 1
A Sharma
Kempston Rural - Cllr Smith Director of Environment No further action although the Director is aware of the petition.
Change the status of the Bromham Road end of Hurst Grove to residents' parking only 1
D Bilan
Queens Park - Cllrs Masud and Yasin Director of Environment No further action although the Directorate is aware of the petition.
Support on-estate keyholding for the low-level gate to the car park at Owl Park changing room, Woodlands Park. 86
Mr C Bailes
Great Barford - Cllrs Moon and Corp Director of Environment Full Council 5 December 2018: the current trial be supported and than an evaluation of the trail takes place at the end of the three month period.
To request the Council to install double yellow lines at the junction of Bunyans Mead and High Street, Elstow. 38
E White
Cllr Hill
Elstow and Stewartby: Cllr Hill Director of Environment and Chief Officer for Planning and Highways Full Council 5 December 2018: that the request be added to the programme of works for evaluation.
Request the Council to stop the damaging proposed restructure of the three schools (Cauldwell, Shackleton, Shortstown) which proposes... *To scrap local governing bodies * To abolish the current position of Headteacher in each of the primary schools. We believe that proposal will put educational standards and the safeguarding of children at risk. We call on Bedford Borough Council to take this petition forward to the Heart Mat Trustees and object to the proposals. 899
D Murphy
Cauldwell and Eastcotts:
Cllrs Charles, Oliver and Gallagher
Chief Officer for Education, SEND and Schools Infrastructure The Council will continue to work with HEART Multi-Academy Trust and all stakeholders to ensure that the best outcomes were secured for the parents and children of Cauldwell, Shackleton and Shortstown Primary Schools.
Safety of older residents and problematic parking in and around Gordon Collins House, Bamford Road, Bedford. 25
Mr SG Duck
Cllr Gerard and Cllr Saunders
Director of Environment Total number of signatures was 25 therefore no Council debate. Letter sent to organiser 7 September 2018 and petition referred to Highways.
To lower the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on The Highway, Shortstown. 110
Shortstown Primary School Council and Gail Whitehouse
Cllr Sarah-Jayne Holland
Director of Environment Council debate 10 October 2018 resolved: (1) That the speed limit along the stretch of highway that runs parallel with Shortstown Primary School be reduced from 30mph to 20mph.(2) That the Council's speed enforcement vehicle visits the school and Miss Chambers, and other students be encouraged to visit the vehicle whilst it is there.
To request that a full consultation be conducted for a one-way system in the Park Road, Thornton Street, and Littledale Street, Kempston area 143
Mr Avatir Singh
Kempston Central and East:Councillors Boutall and Nawaz Director of Environment Council debate 10 October 2018 resolved: That a full consultation on the introduction of a one-way system for the roads identified in the petition be undertaken with residents being made aware of the possible consequences of the introduction of a one-way system.
To request speed ramps on Park Road, Kempston, Bedford 36
Cllr Nawaz
Kempston Central and East:
Councillors Boutall and Nawaz
Director of Environment Council debate 10 October 2018 resolved: That the installation of speed humps in Park Road, Kempston be investigated.
To request a safe crossing point to enable pupils attending Brickhill Primary School, St Thomas Moore Upper School and Mark Rutherford Upper School to cross Kimbolton Road safely at peak travel time. 253
Tolu Osula
Councillors Royden and Rider
Director of Environment Chief Officer for Transport 1. That the petition be noted and accepted, and in response, that the Governing Body of Brickhill Primary School be encouraged to reconvene a meeting with the Portfolio Holder, Council Officers and the local Ward Councillors, which they cancelled, to help the Council to deliver a speedy solution to the road safety issue on Kimbolton Road.
2. That the Governing Body be asked to ensure that all the individuals who had signed the petitions were written to by the school to advise them of why the meeting had been cancelled.
To request the removal of a hazardous Cockspur Thorn Tree on Southville Road, Bedford 35
Kuldeep Klaire
Councillors Charles and Oliver
Chief Officer Environment The Council recognises the good work undertaken by the Council’s arboricultural team to look after and increase the number of trees in the Borough and specifically with regard to the tree outside 43 Southville Road, that this tree should be subject to ongoing regular inspections in line with the Council’s three yearly scheduled programme, as well as regular clearing up and removal of the berries which fall underneath the tree.
To request support of Grant Palmer Number 20/21 Bus Service on Woodlands Park Chris Bailes
Great Barford: Councillors Corp and Moon Director of Environment / Chief Officer Transport Council debate 28 February 2019 Resolved: Mr Bailes, the Parish Councillor for Woodlands Park , be thanked for gathering the evidence to support the Woodlands Bus service 20/21 operated by Grant Palmer. The Parish Council and the Borough Councillors serving the Woodlands Park area be thanked for their comments supporting the invaluable service which this bus provided. The Chief Officer for Transport and other Officers be thanked for the efforts made by this Council to ensure that this vital service continued.
To request that the planning permission for Colworth Garden Village (Local Plan 2035) is refused due to numerous issues Ryan Hammersley
n/a Chief Officer Planning and Highways No further action in respect of the Council's Petition Scheme. Referred petitioner to the Local Plan Consultation period and link to the consultation document.
To request speed calming measures on Avon Drive, Waveney Avenue and Brickhill Drive, Bedford 77
Cherelle Murden
Councillors Royden and Rider
Director of Environment Council debate 7 February 2018 Resolved: 1. That the Council welcomes the introduction of speed enforcement undertaken recently by the Police in Avon Drive. 2. That Officers be asked to meet with Ms Murden to gain the perspective of a wheelchair user of road safety in Avon Drive and the surrounding area and following those discussions, identify if there are any improvements that can be added to the highways work programme for consideration in due course.
To introduce a CPZ in Great Denham and have it properly patrolled and enforced. 72
Joanne Ruskin e-petition to
Kempston Rural:
Cllr Smith
Director of Environment Petition withdrawn by organiser as content with current draft proposals to improve parking situation in Great Denham.
To request the installation or relocation of lighting in Play areas around Bedford 0
Matt Faraday
n/a Director of Environment No further action - however the Director of Environment is aware of the request
To request a review of all aspects of Highway safety relating to the A6 Highway from Paula Radcliffe Way to the County boundary with Northamptonshire. 72
Cllr McMurdo
Cllr McMurdo and Riseley: Cllr Towler
Chief Officer Planning and Highways Council debate 17 January 2018 Resolved: That the Council notes that works are currently programmed to take place on the A6 at Souldrop on 26 February to 6 March and resurfacing works at night between the 6-9 March to tackle accidents on the A6 at Souldrop, most involving motorcyclists overtaking and then colliding with right-turning vehicles. Site observations have shown that northbound vehicles undertake using the existing auxiliary lane to bypass vehicles waiting to turn right near the filling station. The measures included double white lining with reflective road studs, removal of the existing auxiliary turning, rumble strips, resurfacing of the junction and upgrade to street lighting, etc. The Council is currently updating a review of the accident statistics for the entire stretch of the A6 north of Bedford and work to update this review would be completed by the summer. The review will be compared with other sites across the summer to determine the priority of the implementation of measures and the input of Councillors would be welcome in this process to ensure the road is as safe as possible within the resources available.
To request the petition to be considered by the Planning Committee re. application 16/03265/FUL and to seek support for the deferral or withdrawal of the application until a full consultation with residents is undertaken about the long term future of the site. 89
Queens Park:
Cllrs Masud and Yasin
Chief Officer Planning and Highways To Directorate to respond as part of the planning process.
To request, in response to consultation regarding possible controlled parking zones A and B, one side of street to be reserved for residents and to be provided free of charge. 198
Cllr Fletcher
Cllrs Fletcher and Reale
Director of Environment To Directorate to respond as part of the consultation.
To request increase in brightness of new LED lights in Riverfield Drive area, Bedford. 39
Saverio Bongo
Cllrs Carofano and Mingay
Director of Environment Council debate 6 December 2017 resolved:
That the Portfolio Holder be recommended to review the provision of LED street lamps in the Riverfield Drive area to determine whether any improvements could be made
To request action to stop litter in/around Aspects Leisure Centre and river bank. 38
Saverio Bongo
Cllrs Carofano and Mingay
Director of Environment Council debate 6 December 2017 resolved:
That the Council supported a zero tolerance approach to littering, that increased enforcement was to be encouraged and that the Portfolio Holder be recommended to give specific attention to the area near to the Aspects Leisure Centre, in terms of enforcement and litter collection.
To request that the Council does not close Southway Nursery 221 website
Linda Littler
Cllrs Charles and Oliver
Director of Children's Services To Directorate to respond as part of the consultation.
To request a RPZ in Castle Ward. 106
Graeme Molloy e-petition to
Cllrs Fletcher and Reale
Director of Environment Council debate 6 December 2017 resolved:
That the Portfolio Holder be recommended to request the Highways Team to produce a survey of the parking issues in the Castle Road area and to prepare a briefing note to the Portfolio Holder which he could consider, and then discuss with Ward Councillors, with a view to bringing forward a proposal, noting the limited resources which were available.
Request to stop 93 houses being built on Lower Farm Road, Bromham, Green Field Land 0
Richard Orrell
e-petition to 01/10/17
Bromham and Biddenham:
Cllrs Gambold and Rigby
Assistant Director of Planning To be considered as part of the Planning process. No further action as petition not supported.
To request the Council's assistance in approaching the owner of trees in Molly Moore Ave gardens, Kempston to make them safe. 25
Cllr W Hunt
Kempston West:
Cllr W Hunt
Director of Environment To Directorate to respond:
They will write to landowner and advise them to carry out periodic inspections of trees using a qualified contractor and to act on any of their recommendations.
To request zone parking in (Lower) Salisbury Street. 23
Cass Knight
Cllrs Atkins and Jackson
Director of Environment To Directorate to respond
To request that the Mayor arranges a public meeting concerning the social care needs of older people. 49
Ian Pettit
n/a n/a Council debate 11 October 2017 Resolved: That the call for outside public meetings and discussion, in addition to those already frequently held inside the Council be welcomed and that the Council and Councillors alike, express support to ensure the continuing protection of the elderly, who are among the most vulnerable members of society.
To request that planning application no. 17/02101/FUL is rejected and re-considered under a new planning policy when the Local Plan 2035 is implemented 132
Organiser unknown
Cllr Wootton
Assistant Director of Planning Will be considered as part of the Planning process.
Request to reverse the decision to reduce the subsidy for post 16 age school transport 136
Martyn Wady
n/a Director of Children's Services Council debate 11 October 2017 Resolved:
  1. That the petition regarding post-16 school transport be noted.
  2. That the Government’s actions in cutting the Council’s Revenue Support Grant from over £30 million in 2015 to just £5.8 million in 2019 has made this unwanted change in policy unavoidable.
  3. That it be noted that the Council was continuing to provide a bus service for all eligible post-16 students to attend school, in contrast to nearby Councils which provided no standard post-16 transport and thereby forced students into making their own travel arrangements.
  4. That the Mayor be requested to write, with any local MPs who wished to add their name, to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government seeking the reversal of devastating cuts which were impacting on families right now and that the responses be shared with petition respondents.
Request to re-direct traffic from Cambridge Road, Bedford to Wallis Way 33
Damian Warburton
Cllrs Gerard and Saunders
Cllr Holland
Director of Environment Council debate 11 October 2017
  1. That a further speed survey be carried out along Cambridge Road within 12 months of the installation of the 30mph extension.
  2. That the re-designation of Wallis Way as the A5134 and downgrade the status of Cambridge Road be investigated which will reduce the number of ‘sat-nav’ related journeys being directed onto Cambridge Road.
  3. That the signing on the approach to Cambridge Road be reviewed to discourage through traffic.
  4. That once the above actions have been completed the Council will re-evaluate their effect and determine whether there is a need for further consideration.
Request for CPZ in Eastville Rd area of Bedford 53
Ros Hawkins
Cllr Oliver
Cllrs Charles and Oliver
Director of Environment Council debate 11 October 2017
That it be acknowledged that the request for the introduction of a CPZ in Churchville Road, Maryville Road, Eastville Road and Southville Road, Bedford, had already been placed on the Council’s list of roads that will be considered for a CPZ and it will be considered for funding as and when monies become available for parking schemes.
Protest at unacceptable impact on existing inadequate infrastructure and inappropriate location for growth 52
Sharnbrook Farm Shop
Cllr Foster
Various Wards:
Clapham, Riseley, Sharnbrook and Wyboston
Assistant Director of Planning Will be considered as part of the Local Plan 2035 process.
Objection to Appendix 5 of Local Plan 2035 - oppose sites which are rural/agricultural 121
Sarah Fogarty
Kempston Rural:
Cllr Smith
Assistant Director of Planning Will be considered as part of the Local Plan 2035 process.
Objection to some specific provisions of Local Plan 2035 around Cleat Hill nos. 189 and 491 82
Dr T Kamyar
Great Barford:
Cllrs Corp and Moon
Assistant Director of Planning Will be considered as part of the Local Plan 2035 process.
Objection to some specific provisions of Local Plan 2035 nos. 29 and 691 40
Prof. S Ackroyd
Bromham and Biddenham:
Cllrs Gambold and Rigby
Assistant Director of Planning Will be considered as part of the Local Plan 2035 process.
Request to address lack of free transport for children of Cople and Willington, to Mark Rutherford Upper School 210
Joyce Tucker
Great Barford:
Cllrs Corp and Moon
Director of Children's Services Cople and Willington to be added to the policy as exceptions to allow free school transport to Mark Rutherford Upper School
Request further CPZ's in Prime Minister's area (zone K) 47
e-petition to
Eleanor Ibbott
Cllrs Atkins and Jackson
Exec Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities Council 12 July 2017 RESOLVED: That the request for a CPZ in the Prime Ministers’ area be added to the list of other requests for parking schemes until such time as funding became available.
Request to review the planning proposals for Marston Vale Innovation Park 166
Michelle Dyson
Cllr Wheeler
Asst Director (Planning) Will be considered as part of the Planning process.
Request that the charge for maintenance of open space is deferred until debated by the Council and all facilities in the country park are open 96
to 14/05/17
Mark Weeden
Kempston Rural:
Cllr Smith
Asst Chief Finance Officer Considered with petition below.
Request that the charge for maintenance of open space be re-considered. 136
Mr G Insogna
Mr M Salisbury
Cllr Smith
Kempston Rural:
Cllr Smith
Asst Chief Finance Officer Council debate 12 July 2017 RESOLVED:
  1. Council notes the ongoing communication between the Council and the community on this matter, and thanks the Parish Council and local residents for their engagement with the Council. Council expresses its disappointment that many residents were unaware of their liability for this charge, which is included in the Title Deeds for each property and which should have been explained to them at the time they purchased their property. Council further notes that over 75% of residents have paid, or are paying the charge, and thanks those who have done so. Council undertakes to provide maximum possible transparency to residents in respect of the use of the funds raised via the charge, including accounts displaying income and expenditure. Council undertakes to continue to engage with the Town and Parish Councils and Residents' Groups, with Ward Councillors and with residents directly on this matter.
Request urgent repairs to pavement and road surfaces Pollards Close Wilstead 31
Cllr Coombes
Cllr Coombes
Exec Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities Council 22 March 2017 RESOLVED:
That this Council acknowledges the need to resurface the pavement and road surface in Pollards Close, Wilstead. There are several areas where the road is failing, at the junction and on the inside of the bend. The Council is arranging for these areas to be repaired in order to keep the road safe. This work will be carried out in the next 6 weeks. In accordance with the Council’s Transport Asset Management Plan the long term programme of Highways Maintenance work is currently under review and Members will shortly be consulted on schemes to be included in that programme.
The request of the Ward Member to the Council to include works to Pollard Close in the next long term Highways Maintenance Programme (which commences in 2018/19) is noted.
Request extension to alcohol free zone into Queen's Park and for local authority to monitor situation 173
Eric Masih
Queen's Park:
Cllrs Masud and Yasin
Head of Democratic and Registration Services There are on-going discussions concerning this matter and further meetings are to be arranged. However an extension to the Alcohol Zone would not seem to be a practical suggestion bearing in mind it is unlikely to be enforced.
To express concerns on the proposed digital operating model for libraries 351
Project 229
Kempston Central and East:
Cllrs Boutall and Nawaz
Exec Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities Executive 2 November 2016 RESOLVED:
1. That, having considered the result of the consultation, the following be approved:
2. That the Council, in order to meet the challenges of reduced budget provision, believes that a “no change option” for library services is not viable.
3. Models 1 (A commissioned service) and 2 (A community supported service) are not considered appropriate for implementation at this point in time.
4. That Model 4 is renamed the ‘Library Plus’ Model and that this model is trialled at Bedford Central Library, Bromham Library and Wootton Library.
5. That Model 3 (A reduction in opening hours by 9.5hrs/library/week) is introduced at Putnoe and Kempston libraries.
6. That the Mobile Library and Library link service be reconfigured to deliver a more efficient service.
7. That the reference from the Environment and Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee be accepted.
Request for RPZ or CPZ in Garfield Street 52
Graham Beckett
Cllrs Atkins and Jackson
Exec Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities Council debate 7 December 2016:
To add request to other similar schemes when funding becomes available
Request assistance re. parking issues: Rutland Road, Grafton Road and Gibbons Road 6
e-petition to 18/10/16
Shofikul Islam
Cllrs Fletcher and Reale
Exec Director for Environment and Sustainable Communities Directorate working with Residents Association to try to increase parking in the area eg reducing length of yellow lines. No